Peru leads country image rankings for 2019 in Latin America

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Peru leads country image rankings for 2019 in Latin America
Thu June 27, 2019

According to the Reputation Institute, it occupies the 25th position of the Country RepTrack 2019, rising two positions with respect to the previous year and surpassing the world average

The Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Exports and Tourism - PROMPERÚ disseminated the excellent results of our country in the latest studies of reputation and country image.
According to the latest ranking of the Country RepTrack® 2019 prepared by the Reputation Institute, our country climbed two positions, placing us at the head of the Latin American countries. In this evaluation, Peru ranked 25th with 62.2 points globally, which represented a growth of +2.2 points with respect to the previous year and made us place ourselves on Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia or Chile.
For its part, the study Country Index conducted by the British Future Brand shows that Peru climbed 12 positions (from 49 to 37) and that along with four other emerging group of countries that have shown a faster progress from the 2014, when the survey was carried out for the last time.
The Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Edgar Vásquez, stressed that these achievements of the country's promotion strategy should fill us with pride and encourage us to work more for Peru, to boost our exports, to continue attracting investments and more international tourists, that contributes to the Peruvian economy for the benefit of all Peruvians.

Peru leader in Latin America
In the expanded study of the Country RepTrack® 2019, in the evaluation conducted among countries in our region, Peru showed a reputation growth of +3.7, reaching 57.3 points.
Likewise, according to Future Brand, in Latin America we are in second place, only surpassed by Argentina. As the director general of Future Brand Latin America, Gustavo Koniszczer, today Peru is one of the new BRICS. Along with Slovakia, Hungary, Turkey and Romania, countries that climbed between 12 and 24 places each, we are within the next "must see" nations.

The Country RepTrack® 2019 measures the admiration, esteem, confidence and good impression that a country produces in relation to others. Thus, it produces a ranking with the 55 countries with the highest GDP, through surveys carried out on citizens of the former G8 (Germany, Canada, the United States, France, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and Russia). The study highlights that in the support activities that strengthen the reputation of our country among the former G8 countries, Peru would be recommended to visit (+4 points in relation to 2018), to organize and attend events (+5.1 points) ), to buy products or services (+2.3 points) or to invest (+2.2 points).
The Future Brand study was conducted through surveys of 2,500 people from 75 countries; each respondent rated seven countries. These people have traveled abroad at least once in the last year.


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