NH organizes its first week of volunteering worldwide

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NH organizes its first week of volunteering worldwide
Fri June 28, 2019

It is a global initiative focused on sustainability and the strengthening of relations with local communities


Under the slogan "Together with Love", NH Hotel Group has celebrated for the first time a week of corporate volunteering worldwide. It is a global initiative focused on sustainability and the strengthening of relations with local communities where the Group is present and to which all the Company's teams have been invited to participate. In this way, NH Hotel Group joins the volunteer initiative that Minor International develops annually, with which it shares a solid commitment to the development of its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

For a week, about a thousand employees have participated as volunteers in numerous initiatives, chosen and led by themselves. Thus, in the Central Services in Spain, for example, they have collaborated in several soup kitchens in Madrid, they have carried out an activity of study and conservation of rivers, they have accompanied people with disabilities in leisure activities and have participated in blood donation campaigns. For its part, in the Business Unit of Northern Europe, many hotel employees have come to collect waste through channels and parks in cities such as Amsterdam or Berlin; and in the South of Europe they have carried out food collections and have received the visit of students from schools to hotels where the employees themselves have explained the day to day of their work. Finally, in America they have raised funds and food for several local NGOs and have created an organic garden whose fruits will be donated to the Amiguitos de Royal Foundation, among other initiatives.

The program, in which both the Group's Management Team and employees of hotels and central offices have been involved, is part of the Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility Plan of NH Hotel Group, which not only establishes CSR commitments and actions of the Company, but also gives room for a specific local implementation that serves to enhance all its initiatives with the cultural and social touch of each of the places where we operate.

Ramón Aragonés, CEO of NH Hotel Group, stated that "In this week, we wanted to take the service vocation that characterizes us one step further, approaching the communities in which we are present and adding value to those who make them up. The initiative has been a success and we are proud of our teams, which have exceeded all our expectations of participation and commitment. "

This initiative marks the beginning of a renewed responsible culture that NH Hotel Group will continue to consolidate with new actions throughout the year and which has been very well received by employees, who have felt an active part of the Company's Corporate Social Responsibility. increasing their pride of belonging by working in an organization committed to the needs of the environment.

NH Hotel Group, a responsible and sustainable company
A fundamental part of the Company's strategy is the promotion of Social Action and this was reflected in the 2017-2019 Corporate Responsibility Plan, which established the main objectives and initiatives for the different commitments defined by the Company in its Policy. of Corporate Responsibility. In the definition of the Plan, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations were linked for the first time with the strategic lines. In addition, with the "Room 4" concept, these goals were aligned with the business of NH Hotel Group and its key interest groups.
Throughout 2019 work has continued on the lines defined in this Plan, and in addition, a new Corporate Responsibility strategy has been designed as one of the pillars of the Group's Strategic Plan, after the acquisition of 94.1% of the share capital of NH Hotel Group by Minor International. Both companies have begun work on the definition of a new five-year plan, aimed at taking advantage of the complementarity of both business models.


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