Hotel occupancy in Colombia increased slightly in May

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Hotel occupancy in Colombia increased slightly in May
Wed July 03, 2019

According to the indicator report produced by Cotelco, hotel occupancy in Colombia was 53.65% for the month of May, which means an increase of 2.91 percentage points compared to May 2018


So far this year, January to May, hotel occupancy nationwide accumulates an increase of 0.49 percentage points, standing at 54.46%.

For Gustavo Adolfo Toro Velásquez, Cotelco's national executive president, "so far in 2019 tourism and hospitality in Colombia show signs of recovery and growth, although it is true that about 45% of the country's rooms are not being occupied, it is significant to show that the good dynamics of the flow of tourists, both domestic and international, allow us to close this gap. However, the harmful effect of informal offers promoted through technological platforms on employment and rates is undoubted. We hope that the regulation of the financing law, which considers these platforms as intermediaries and responsible for withholding taxes, will help to counteract this cancer of formal hospitality. "

In the regional detail, Bogotá was the one with the highest occupancy, standing at a level of 65.22% and a growth of 6.18 percentage points. The corporate segment and that of meetings and events are the ones with the greatest contribution to the favorable performance of the country's capital.

On the other hand, Cartagena de Indias occupied the second position in the percentage of occupancy during the month of measurement, when closing with an indicator of 59.32% and a growth of 0.79 percentage points. In third place was Antioquia, with an occupation of 56.85% but with a slight decrease of 0.72 percentage points.

In fourth place was Nariño, whose dynamics were favored by the devaluation of the peso, which attracted a greater number of Ecuadorian visitors; with this, their occupation was at 54.08%, with an increase of 8.90 percentage points. Atlántico and Valle del Cauca, two destinations with high impact in the corporate segment, increased 4.07 and 7.29 percentage points, respectively. Other destinations with growth in the period were Boyacá (+4.54 pp), Cesar (+3.41 pp), Magdalena (3.53 pp), Norte de Santander (+5.39 pp), Quindío (+3.47 pp), Risaralda (+2.79 pp) , Santander (+4.75 pp), Tolima and Alto Magdalena (+5.43 pp).

In contrast, Barrancabermeja (-1.24 p.p.), Caldas (-13.49 p.p.), Huila (-4.89 p.p.), Meta (-0.38 p.p.), presented a decrease in their occupation percentage.

"The department of Meta, since the measurement of the month of May, began to present a significant decrease in its occupation as a result of the partial closures of the road to Llano. With the indefinite closure declared in June, the impact will be even greater and the estimated losses reach more than 33,500 million monthly, as a result of a lower flow of tourists and visitors, "said the president of Cotelco.

With respect to other performance indicators in the sector, the report published by Cotelco reports a 4.2% decrease in the average real rate for the hotel sector, mainly explained by the increase in the supply that the sector has experienced in recent years. years. On the other hand, with the occupancy achieved, the real income of hotels increased by 1.9% in the reference month. Similarly, the profitability of the sector measured through the RevPar increased by 2.5%.


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