Tierra del Fuego inaugurated the winter season 2019

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Tierra del Fuego inaugurated the winter season 2019
Wed July 10, 2019

More than 5 thousand people gathered yesterday to enjoy a day in the snow with gastronomic, musical, artistic and sports proposals, culminating with the mountain illuminated with the traditional torch descent in Cerro Castor


From midday the public participated in this free and free day organized by Cerro Castor and the Government of the Province through the Tourism Institute, to celebrate the opening of the winter season 2019 and the 20 years of the southernmost winter center.
Multiple activities provided by sponsor and collaborators gave the unique framework to enjoy an afternoon with tastings, games, music, skating demonstrations and ice hockey, and entertainment for the whole family.
In this framework, INFUETUR, together with the National University of Tierra del Fuego and the company Panalsoft, invited on their stand to experience the "Tierra del Fuego in virtual reality".

Excitement of fire and snow
The most anticipated moment arrived minutes after 6:00 pm with the traditional torchlight descent, where around 60 instructors from Cerro Castor and Club Andino Ushuaia illuminated the mountain in an emotional and unique moment with the Argentine flag flying high in the end. of the world.
In this way, provincial authorities and the founder of Cerro Castor officially inaugurated the winter season 2019 in Tierra del Fuego. The event was headed by Lieutenant Governor Juan Carlos Arcando, Ushuaia Mayor Walter Vuoto, InFueTur President Luis Castelli and the owner of the Cerro Castor winter resort Juan Carlos Begué.

20 years of growth
In this framework, the Lieutenant Governor thanked the work done from Cerro Castor, highlighting the trajectory of the winter center and the unique characteristics of Tierra de Fuego with the longest winter season in South America, "this center is enjoyed by those who live in the Province and those who visit us from June to October, "he said.
He also noted that "this new season brings together, once again, the work of many areas of government and private entities, which articulated way to develop this event that today we can fortunately witness."
For his part, Castelli said that "it is a great emotion that we are all gathered in this party that has organized Cerro Castor with the Government of the Province through InFueTur and that can be enjoyed by this large number of public, residents and tourists together celebrating the Fuegian winter ".
"In these 20 years, many things happened about the growth of this winter center and today I want to thank, I would like to thank on behalf of Governor Rosana Bertone, the Government and INFUETUR to all those who are part of Cerro Castor, and especially those who had the initiative to raise this center with a vision of the future and that today is a reality, "added the head of the Institute, entertaining the winter center with a commemorative plaque for contributing to the positioning of the destination in the winter tourism offer.
Castelli also made a special recognition to the Governor "who has put a special effort so that all this activity has the support and collaboration of the provincial State."
"It is not easy to coordinate and carry out an event of these dimensions and characteristics, so we have to be proud of all the people and areas that worked together to make this inauguration a reality that has received national and international level", Castelli said.


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