Tourism Tech Adventures for the Americas is held in Chile

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Tourism Tech Adventures for the Americas is held in Chile
Wed July 10, 2019

The second version of the event is organized by the UNWTO in conjunction with the Undersecretariat of Tourism of Chile


Yesterday began the second Latin American version of Tourism Tech Adventures for the Americas, organized by the World Tourism Organization in conjunction with the Undersecretary of Tourism of Chile, an instance that will offer an unprecedented platform for entrepreneurship and tourism innovation. The event ends today.

The Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization, Zurab Pololikashvili, thanked Chile for its support for this initiative: "We must not only talk about innovation but also promote it, especially in tourism as a leading sector in business models and digital transformation and its great transforming potential, and we are very happy and grateful for the commitment that Chile shows when joining this initiative ".

Meanwhile, the undersecretary of Tourism of Chile, Mónica Zalaquett said that "innovation and digital transformation is one of the priorities in the agenda of President Sebastián Piñera, which is why we have incorporated it as a pillar in the National Tourism Strategy. In that sense, the Tourism Tech Adventures 2019, not only aligns with the work we are developing together with the WTO to make tourism a more competitive activity and capable of attracting capital to support the sector's ventures, but it will also help us to promote a more innovative and sophisticated tourism offer".

He also stressed that "hosting this international event is an honor and a great responsibility. It places us at the center of the great innovation ecosystem that is being developed in America and gives us a great opportunity to promote a pro-innovation culture in tourism, which promotes the bonding, the exchange of ideas and knowledge, the creation of businesses and the collaborative investment with a view to further enhancing tourism as a driver of economic and social development".

Meeting days​
The first day was the most specialized and included an internal work between authorities related to tourism and training aimed at key actors. Today, the Tourism Tech Adventures EdTech forum for the Americas will be held, an event that will feature lectures open to the public on topics related to tourism innovation and will feature leading speakers in these matters.

In parallel, and during the two days, the American Competition for Tourism Startups will be developed to train the ten best tourism entrepreneurs in the Americas, including two Chilean companies, and will link them with investors and key players to foster innovation and innovation. technology applied to tourism. The winners will receive specialized mentoring and access to this instance of networking with investors specialized in the tourism industry.

The national director of Sernatur, Andrea Wolleter, said that this instance is very relevant, given that "our purpose is to discover innovative experiences and projects, in addition to achieving an open innovation ecosystem that links the academic world, entrepreneurs, accelerators, project incubators , R & D, startups and technological developers of this and other industries, in the generation of solutions that facilitate the transition towards smart tourism. " He emphasized that "the Tourism Tech Adventures 2019 will undoubtedly mark a milestone that will help us to consolidate ourselves in this task".

UNWTO recognizes Chile as a pioneer in the innovation ecosystem
In turn, Natalia Bayona, the head of Innovation and Digital Transformation of the World Tourism Organization, highlighted the pioneering role of Chile in Latin America in the development of its ecosystem at a general level, and recalled that "now the challenge is to start prioritize tourism within this ecosystem to attract new investors interested in tourism innovation and can continue to scale the successful model that has been generated in this Government, which combines entrepreneurship and economic development successfully".


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