ATELIER - STUDIO Playa Mujeres bets on tourism with pets

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ATELIER - STUDIO Playa Mujeres bets on tourism with pets
Tue July 16, 2019

The new Pet-it® program is focused on spoiling the canine pets that share the holiday experience of their traveling masters, by providing dog care service or DoggySitter


ATELIER - STUDIO Playa Mujeres, the new luxury "All Suites Resort" of the Mexican hotel chain ATELIER de Hoteles, presented its Pet-it® program that provides special attention for dogs traveling with their owners.
The new Pet-it® program is focused on pampering the faithful canine pets who share the holiday experience of their traveling masters, by providing dog care service or DoggySitter, special spa packages inside the room and Special Service Room Service gourmet, among other benefits. This program remains aligned with the conceptual pillars of the Hotels chain ATELIER, by providing a Handmade Hospitality® and an Addictive Service®.
"We are proud to offer the guests of ATELIER - STUDIO Playa Mujeres, the special Pet-it® program for dog companions, because we know that, as family members, they deserve to be pampered equally. The travel market with dogs is booming, so we are sure that this novel concept is not only a great option, but also a benchmark for service in this type of market, "said Oliver Reinhart, CEO of ATELIER de Hotels.
The team of chefs of ATELIER - ESTUDIO Playa Mujeres developed an exclusive gastronomic menu for the Pet-it® program, which is offered especially for doggy guests, with 5 options of gourmet dishes.
The ARTE and HUELLAS by NUUP Spa® program designed for dog pets, integrates a menu with services such as the Pet Silky Hair Treatment by NUUP Spa®, which consists of a hair treatment with exclusive products, carefully designed for the sensitive skin of the canines . Also available is the AromaPETherapy®, which is a relaxing massage for the pet, with aromatic essences based on lavender, which is applied in an atmosphere of special music, providing tranquility to the dogs, especially after a long trip.
It is worth mentioning that ATELIER - ESTUDIO Playa Mujeres has a special service called Signature Happenings, unique in the Pet-it® program, which consists of a hand-drawn portrait, either in pencil or brush, of the dog with its owner, made by some of the exclusive artists that collaborate with ATELIER de Hoteles. This service related to the value of the art that the hotel chain hoists, offers an incomparable benefit to the visitors, who will take away a valuable memory of their vacations that will transcend time.
ATELIER - STUDIO Playa Mujeres has assigned several areas of its facilities so that pets can walk, and in almost all areas of the hotel access is allowed in a travel basket. Dogs can remain free in their suite, accompanied by their masters. When they leave, they can take advantage of the DogySitter service, previously notifying the Doggy Concierge.
The luxurious All Suites Resort offers a menu of special items for dogs, such as leashes, balls, stuffed animals and details of artistic and exclusive design, so that four-legged guests also live the experience of Mexican Contemporary Art at all times.
The Pet-it® program, which has an additional cost, is designed to accommodate dogs of small breed of up to 5 kg, presenting a veterinary health certificate and vaccination card. Dogs registered as a guide before SECTUR must comply with the requirements and documentation that accredits them as such. Due to resort policies, only one dog per suite is allowed and its admission must be requested at the time of booking. The pet must be registered on the Pet-it! ® card, at the time of check-in, with which the hotel and program regulations are accepted.


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