Lima sees growth of visitors due to the Pan-American Games

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Lima sees growth of visitors due to the Pan-American Games
Wed July 17, 2019

From July 26 to August 11 will be held the eighteenth version of this sporting event that will host the Peruvian capital for the first time


In this version of the sporting event - the third most important in the world - there will be 41 countries from the region who will compete in 39 different disciplines, making the Peruvian capital at the epicenter of Latin American sport for two weeks.

According to figures provided by the Government of Peru, the arrival of 100 thousand tourists to the country during the 15 days of the competition is estimated, which could generate financial transactions of up to US $ 250 million, with special focus on the services and hotel sector . According to data provided by Destination Insight, the BIG DATA tool for tourist destinations of Amadeus, the number of reservations during the dates of the event increased by 15% compared to the same period last year, and the number of reservations is led by the tourists from the United States, traditionally the biggest medal winner in the Pan American Games.

Within Latin America, the country that will take most tourists to Lima for the event (July and August) is Chile, which increased the number of reservations by 31% compared to the same period last year. Between January and June, these reserves rose by only 18%, which could be considered the organic growth of Chileans for Lima. Therefore, there are 13 percentage points of possible positive effect due to the event.

After Chile, in number of visitors come Argentina and Brazil with an increase of 29% and 76%, respectively compared to the same two months (July and August) in 2018. The organic growth of the year was 8% and 11%. %, so Peru is also attracting many more tourists from these countries for the Pan American Games.

However, not all numbers are good. The number of Colombians who go to Lima in July and August has dropped by 29% in relation to last year, given a stable organic trend of the year. This data indicates that probably the strategy of the tourism agencies of Lima was little to encourage Colombian travelers, in contrast to what happened with Chileans, Brazilians and Argentines.

"This data shows how tourism organizations have to have data to make decisions about where to invest in terms of marketing for the promotion of their country. If you have a good response to the promotion in certain markets, it does not mean that you will do well at all; This type of scenario is only discovered through statistics and BIG DATA. It is also important to continue promoting the country after the event, taking advantage of all the visibility that Peru will gain on account of the Games, "said Paulo Rezende, commercial director of Amadeus for South America.


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