Where are the memorabilias of the most important music stars?

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Where are the memorabilias of the most important music stars?
Tue July 23, 2019

The Hard Rock brand, both in its hotels and in its cafés, proposes to make its clients feel close to the most important artists of the music industry, with memorabilia that dress their walls to the rhythm of Rock and Roll

The history of the music museum begins with two Americans, rock fans, in London who missed their country's hamburgers and decided to put a coffee in the capital of England under the name of Hard Rock.

It was in 1979 that Eric Clapton's Fender guitar began the legend of rock memorabilies, he used to visit the cafe and asked to hang his guitar on the place where he always sat. Pete Townshend, he imitated it and also left his guitar, so it was that by donations or by acquisitions at auctions he began the tradition of the Rock Museum of Hard Rock.

The global expansion of the brand was not long in coming and today it is distributed all over the world. In the cafes there are more than 80,000 memorabilias, with objects such as John Lennon's glasses, the jacket worn by Michael Jackson in the “Beat It” video or the wedding dress that Madonna wore in “Like a Virgin”.

In 2012, the Hard Rock franchise evolved and started its hotel facet, which has a guaranteed entertainment differential. On its walls the decoration is full of memories of the most popular rock stars in history, from epic memorabilies such as those of Elvis Presley, to garments of today's best known artists such as dresses by Katy Perry and Britney Spears.

The hotels apart from exposing the memorabilias, have exclusive concerts of the most recognized figures of music; and they propose to make their clients feel, like Rock stars, they lend them guitars to compose with them or teach them how to use them, they allow them to synchronize music on vinyl to relive unforgettable times or play on stage. The experiences at the Hard Rock Hotel are All Inclusive, can be enjoyed in Puerto Vallarta, Punta Cana, Cancun or Riviera Maya and for October of this year RCD Hotels, owner of the Hard Rock Hotel franchise, will add the Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos to his repertoire.

So, whether you want to have a coffee to the rhythm of Rock and Roll or stay in an all-star hotel, Hard Rock offers to feel the most important music artists as if they were there.


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