Amadeus launches the first alternative hosting solution in the industry

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Amadeus launches the first alternative hosting solution in the industry
Wed July 24, 2019

Offers information on 27 million shared homes listed by zip code


Shared houses continue to increase in popularity globally with tens of millions of apartments, houses, farms and other types of property available for short and long-term stays. According to a Transparent research, the global offer of alternative lodging has grown by 33% from 2017 to 2018. The rapid growth rate and the growing popularity of sharing houses presents hoteliers of all types and sizes a new competitive reality to which They must be able to respond in real time.

TravelClick, an Amadeus company, has responded to the need for a comprehensive competitive assessment that includes alternative accommodations. Today, TravelClick announces the immediate availability of Alternative Accommodations Solution, the latest addition to its suite of business intelligence products. The new solution is available as a complement to Demand360® and Rate360® that helps users make smarter, data-driven decisions that drive revenue and profitability with the most reliable historical and prospective demand data from all segments and channels .

"The lines are blurring between traditional hotel properties and alternative accommodations, as we see big brands entering the shared house space and vice versa," said Greg Sheppard, Senior Vice President, Business Intelligence, TravelClick. "We believe that hoteliers cannot ignore the pressure of alternative accommodations that are competitive in terms of price, location, convenience and comfort that weigh in consumer decision-making. Our new solution provides our customers with data relevant and in real time in an easy-to-use tool that does not require a data expert to obtain the most useful and actionable information. "

Presented at HITEC (Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference) in June, Alternative Accommodations Solution is the first and only of its kind. Its two key approaches are the training of hotel management to analyze the competence of alternative accommodation in its immediate area and help optimize occupancy and rates to be competitive with those shared house options when compared to hotel properties.

Alternative Accommodations Solution is now available. Current Demand360® and Rate360® customers can request the add-on for an additional fee to the basic subscription and both tools are available for all types of properties in all major geographic regions. TravelClick has partnered with Transparent, a leading global provider of data intelligence for the vacation rental industry.


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