Buenos Aires airport will include SITA technology

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Buenos Aires airport will include SITA technology
Thu July 25, 2019

The new departures terminal at Ezeiza Airport  goes into operation in October, passengers can check-in and dispatch luggage in record time, without having to make lines to see an agent

When the new departures terminal enters operations at the main airport that serves Buenos Aires in October, passengers can check-in and dispatch their luggage in record time, without having to make lines to see an agent.

This will be possible thanks to the technology of SITA, a global IT provider for the airline industry, which will guarantee the passenger a simpler step through the Ezeiza International Airport, which is managed and operated by AA2000, which manages a total of 35 airport terminals in Argentina.

SITA's self-service kiosks and bag-drop baggage solution will allow the airport to manage more passengers efficiently, fulfilling its objective of increasing capacity by more than 50% by 2021. These new services are part of the masterplan to Transform Argentina's main airport, which also includes a new arrivals terminal and a new control tower.

Daniel Ketchibachian, CEO of Ezezia International Airport, said: “Our goal is to make Ezeiza International Airport the best airport in South America, using the most innovative technology in the world. We are installing self-service kiosks, which can be used by several airlines, and self-service luggage dispatch units. This will transform the passenger experience at our airport by significantly reducing waiting times. ”

In a first stage, SITA will install 34 self-service kiosks for check-in and 20 Scan & Fly kiosks for automatic luggage dispatch. This will give passengers the ability to manage the process for themselves and enjoy a fast and efficient service.

Elbson Quadros, vice president of SITA for Latin America, added: “With the use of self-service check-in kiosks, airports can reduce passenger processing times by 25%. We have also seen passengers dispatching their luggage in just 20 seconds, using the Scan & Fly kiosks. Travelers using the new terminal will notice a significant difference as they go to boarding. "

SITA's self-service technology will also help AA2000 maximize capacity in the new terminal, by allowing more passengers to register in the same area. For example, check-in kiosks are located on islands, making highly efficient use of space and ensuring that passenger waiting times are minimized.

AA2000 has a strong focus on customer experience and on the modernization, transformation and expansion of the terminals it operates. EZE is the largest international airport in Argentina, serving airlines around the world; and is expected to grow significantly in the coming years.


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