ATELIER-ESTUDIO Playa Mujeres inaugurates María Dolores restaurant

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ATELIER-ESTUDIO Playa Mujeres inaugurates María Dolores restaurant
Fri July 26, 2019

Chef Edgar Núñez, in partnership with ATELIER de Hoteles presents his new restaurant inside the All Suites Resort luxury​

ATELIER-ESTUDIO Playa Mujeres, the new luxury “All Suites Resort” of the Mexican hotel chain ATELIER de Hoteles, opens the doors of its flagship restaurant: María Dolores, under the command of renowned Mexican chef, Edgar Núñez.
With the concept of “Seasonal cuisine”, chef Edgar Núñez gives María Dolores restaurant a decisive role in the experience of disruptive luxury that is lived in ATELIER-ESTUDIO Playa Mujeres. The cuisine of the multi-award-winning chef seduces visitors with a new way of appreciating Mexican culinary art through a vibrant gastronomic journey consisting of a seven-course tasting menu paired with wines or infusions, according to the taste of each diner.
“My main interest is that diners can enjoy, in María Dolores, a contemporary vision of traditional Mexico through a sensory tour. The menu is planned to flow and evolve with the ingredients of each season, so that diners can enjoy a sophisticated culinary experience, unique and unforgettable. Each dish is made with conscience and with all the heart, ”said Núñez, head of the María Dolores restaurant.
Edgar Núñez, is a member of the Culinary Academy of France. It has two restaurants in Mexico City: Jacinta Dining and SUD 777; the last one, cataloged within the rankings “Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants” and in the prelude to “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants”.
“ATELIER-ESTUDIO Playa Mujeres, the flagship hotel of our innovative concept of contemporary Mexican art, is the perfect place for such an extraordinary chef committed to Mexican cuisine. Our mutual philosophy of excellence and perfection has led us hand in hand to create María Dolores, the ideal restaurant to live exclusive culinary experiences created by Edgar Núñez. We are sure that María Dolores and her Seasonal Kitchen will soon be on everyone's lips, both for its impeccable culinary quality, and for its concept of disruptive luxury, which exalts contemporary Mexican culture in every detail, ”said Oliver Reinhart, CEO of ATELIER de Hoteles.
The concept of the Maria Dolores restaurant is aligned with that of the All Suites Resort ATELIER-ESTUDIO Playa Mujeres. The addictive service and handmade hospitality are conceptual pillars of the ATELIER chain of Hotels, which stand out in all the details of the new gastronomic venue, designed for 50 people, who receive daily reservations for dinner.


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