Embratur announces tourism development actions in Brazil

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Embratur announces tourism development actions in Brazil
Gilson Machado Neto, Embratur
Fri July 26, 2019

At the Investe Turismo seminar in Brasilia, the president of the Gilson Machado Neto Institute and the director Osvaldo Matos highlighted the leading role the industry received in the management of Jair Bolsonaro

"Tourism, from now on, is a government policy, it is a priority in Brazil." With these words, the president of Embratur (Brazilian Tourism Institute), Gilson Machado Neto, opened the speech at the Investe Turismo Program seminar, in Brasília (DF), and announced new actions that are being developed by the Institute to strengthen the sector. and the Brazilian economy. The event, held on Thursday (25) aims to identify business opportunities, public policies and other tools offered to enhance the development of local tourism activity.

The initiative brought together professionals from the public and private sectors involved in the integrated management and qualification projects of the Brasilia and Chapada dos Veadeiros route, identifying business opportunities, public policies and other tools offered by Investe Turismo to enhance the development of local tourism activity. The itinerary includes the capital Brasilia and the Goiás municipalities of Alto Paraíso and Cavalcante.

For the president of Embratur, the program is a demonstration of the appreciation of tourism in the management of president Jair Bolsonaro. "It is fundamental to increase the confidence of the businessmen, who generate jobs and income, in the government. We can not disturb those who favor the economy, we need to cut red tape so that we can bring more investments to Brazil," said Gilson Machado.

He stressed the need to transform Embratur into an agency and, even at the seminar, the director of Marketing and Public Relations of the Institute, Osvaldo Melo de Matos Júnior, announced the creation of a Higher Council for International Tourism. "The goal is to establish partnerships, remove the strings, continue with the visa release policy, invest in airports and other segments of the sector," said the director.

The program, developed by Embratur, Ministry of Tourism and National Sebrae, selected thirty strategic tourist routes. Among them, the capital of the country, which bears the title of World Heritage Site. In all, more than 150 Brazilian municipalities will benefit from a package of investment actions, incentives for new businesses, access to credit, marketing, innovation and improvement of services aimed at the tourism sector.

In Brasilia, the event was also attended by the president of the National Sebrae, Carlos Melles; Tourism Secretary Vanessa Mendonça; Deputy Governor DF, Paco Britto; the president of Clube do Choro, Reco do Bandolim; the National Secretary for Tourism Development and Competitiveness of the Ministry of Tourism, Aluizer Malab; Superintendent Director of Sebrae-DF, Valdir Oliveira; and the mayor of Alto Paraíso (GO), Martinho Mendes, as well as local authorities and businessmen, embassy representatives (Chile, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Belgium, Angola and Spain) and the government of Brasilia and nationally.

The deputy governor of DF, Paco Britto, stressed the importance of Brasilia being part of the Investe Turismo Program. "In this route, the architecture of men fits with the architecture of nature, which is that of the Chapada dos True region. There is nothing more powerful than tourism. Brasilia and the region will become essential icons to receive travelers from the country and from all over the world, "he said.


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