ÚNICO 20˚87˚ another jewel of the Mexican Caribbean

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ÚNICO 20˚87˚ another jewel of the Mexican Caribbean
Tue July 30, 2019

The property with 5 diamonds of the AAA offers an exclusive proposal that aims to redefine the concept of the all-inclusive only for adults

A hotel rated “five diamonds” by the American Automobile Association (AAA) necessarily becomes an exponent of luxury, sophistication and comfort. This category is an award for extraordinary infrastructure attributes and a meticulous and personalized service, which raise the standards of excellence to the level of "impeccable". Therefore, only 0.3% of the hotels inspected by this association obtain this award.

Recently, the AAA delivered a new “five diamonds” badge for North America, which adds to a constantly growing luxury tourist offer in this area. This time, it is a hotel located in the Riviera Maya, on the Caribbean coast of Mexico. Its name is ÚNICO 20°87°, with an exclusive proposal and which aims to redefine the concept of the all-inclusive, intended only for adults.

“This proposal was born with the purpose of inserting its visitors into modern Mexico and connecting them with the culture of the area. Through a series of unique experiences, they will experience exciting wonders, where the environment and local people will be protagonists, ”explains Verónica Bazán, director of Public Relations and Communications for Latin America.

In that sense, the recent winner of the "five diamonds" offers a careful and detailed display in every corner, with a spirit of spontaneity and adventure. Similarly, personalized attention is the cornerstone of this hotel, which replicates the hospitality of the native people of the area.

“We are very happy for the qualification obtained after the AAA inspection. We believe that this result is the result of the effort that many of us have given to make this destination a different experience, with a new concept of all-inclusive luxury ”, adds Bazán.

“We invite all to visit ÚNICO 20°87°, a property that combines high-end services, avant-garde design, excellent cuisine and luxury, where relaxation and happiness find their place. They will not regret it, ”he concludes.


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