Argentina's first Check In system has been presented

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Argentina's first Check In system has been presented
Wed July 31, 2019

The device has everything required to make a Check-In and Check-Out without delays


Faced with large attendance of journalists specialized in tourism, hospitality and technology, ARION Hospitality Solutions and 360NET Fullsolutions, joined their synergies to jointly develop the first Self Kiosk, which will be marketed through the Hotel Tecnologias Hoteleros.

The place chosen for the launch was at the Wyndham Nordelta Tigre hotel, managed by AADESA S.A., where the first Latin American in-out check-in device began operating.

“With the arrival of new technologies to the hotel industry, the presented product will revolutionize it, offering a new experience to the guest, reducing the times of Check-In and Check-Out, as well as reducing costs on the part of the hotel. There is no doubt that the self check-in will become a daily occurrence, as has already happened with the airlines, ”said Alejandro Vera, Commercial Director of 360Net.

On the other hand, Diego Albamonte, Commercial Director of ARION said “Knowing that more than 30% of the guest's satisfaction are the Check-In and Check-Out processes, we create a completely friendly device, so that the guest can make their Check-in, quickly and effectively, and enter your room without the need to go through the hotel reception. In the same way you can do it at the time of check-out, paying through your credit card and leaving the establishment without queues or waiting. It is a solution that our corporate clients required us exhaustively, and with very good experiences of using such devices in cities like Las Vegas. ”

The benefits of a Self-Kiosk
The device will have everything required to perform an effective Check-In and Check-Out, without errors.
At the moment the client presents himself to the device, he can search for his reservation through: his reservation code, scanning his document or introducing his credit card.
Once your reservation is found, the system will ask you to scan your passport or document, and through a superior camera, a biometric verification of your face will be done, in case this validation is correct, you can continue with the Check-In process Otherwise, you must show up at the hotel reception.
Next, the client must complete the registration card, where most of the data is automatically entered through the document scanner, and then must confirm the policies and conditions of the Hotel.
Subsequently, the client may perform an up-selling, that is, they may be offered superior rooms or additional services, before confirming the Check-In.
Finally, the device will deliver the card (s), depending on the number of adults, to the client completing the Check-In process.
The Check-Out process is very simple, the customer will confirm the charges made, and you must enter your credit card to the Self-Kiosk reader, where the corresponding charge will be made. The invoice can be printed at the same time or you can choose to receive it by email, taking into account that it is an electronic receipt.


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