Bahía Príncié reduces the presence of sargassum by 95% on its Riviera beaches

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Bahía Príncié reduces the presence of sargassum by 95% on its Riviera beaches
Wed July 31, 2019

The initiative is part of a Comprehensive Coastal Management Plan, also aimed at preventing the erosion of beaches, preserving the aquatic environment and promoting awareness and education

With 20 properties in the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Jamaica, Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts, launched a Comprehensive Coastal Management Plan in the three Caribbean destinations where it is present: Mexico, Dominican Republic and Jamaica. Its main objective is to restore the natural balance of the coastal dynamics, relying on the use of innovative technology and practices to attack the main environmental problems, such as this pioneering system of barriers that, in its first weeks of operation, has already reduced by 95% the presence of sargassum on the Mexican beaches in which the 4 establishments of Bahia Principe Hotels & Resorts are located in the Riviera Maya, one of the major environmental problems in the area.

Specifically, it is a non-invasive system, respectful of marine fauna and flora, which has the most sophisticated materials and technologies, as well as a multidisciplinary team of marine biologists, oceanographers, engineers and divers of a shipping company with more 20 years of experience in maintenance, logistics and maritime services.

This project is part of the company's firm commitment to sustainability, so that it poses an integrated management of all aspects that influence a coastal system: environmental, naturally, but also social. The company has the technical support of several environmental consulting and engineering companies, the participation and collaboration of official agencies and relevant ministries in each of the countries, as well as the participation of several universities and its Eco-Ecological Foundation. bahia, which will help evaluate the implementation and effectiveness of the measures.

In this more transverse dimension, the project is already being deployed in Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica through actions in three areas: those aimed at the preservation of beaches - and, in particular, to reduce their erosion, to preserve their dune system and their vegetation and to manage the infrastructures located in the coastal environment and the waste generated in its context–; those oriented to the protection of the aquatic system –which includes the care of marine flora and fauna, the preservation of water quality or the promotion of sustainable fishing–; and awareness and education measures for communities near the sea.

In the words of Antonia del Toro, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility of Grupo Piñero, “the latest report of the Intergovernmental Group of Experts on Climate Change points out that coastal systems are especially sensitive to three factors linked to climate change: sea level, the temperature and acidity of the ocean. In Grupo Piñero we are aware of that reality and our responsibility in the search for solutions for the preservation of the destinations in which we operate, and that is why we have launched this project, which combines environmental actions with a necessary social awareness work "

The Integrated Management Plan of the Coastline of Grupo Piñero also includes among its objectives the mitigation of hydrodynamic imbalance, the promotion of sustainable use or the improvement of its resilience against climate change.


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