Accor launches its LGTBI + recruitment manual

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Accor launches its LGTBI + recruitment manual
Antonietta Varlese
Wed July 31, 2019

As part of its commitment to diversity and inclusion, Accor launches its LGBTI + talent selection manual and a training program for its managers

This presentation is given in the framework of the participation of Accor in Gnetwork360, the most important international conference on business and tourism LGBTI + in Latin America, held in Buenos Aires and one year after the launch of the LGBTI + strategy in Argentina.

The LGBTI + recruitment and training manual is aimed at hotel managers and managers of Talent & Culture with the aim of inspiring them - in the role of selectors - to act in an inclusive manner, offering concrete practices and basic concepts to facilitate the selection process of LGBTI + professionals.

That guests feel welcome (Feel Welcome) is one of Accor's main commitments, also extending to employees and the entire society.

“Our collective commitment is to give everyone an unrestricted opportunity, valuing diversity and promoting inclusion. For all that, our efforts are focused on the construction and dissemination of corporate policies related to gender equality, accessibility and interaction between generations, ”explains Fernando Viriato de Medeiros, Senior Vice President of Talent and Culture, Accor South America.

“The recruitment and selection of candidates should be based only on professional reasons and not on discriminatory criteria such as religion, age, gender, political opinions, ethnicity, union affiliation, etc. In addition, any local legislation in favor of diversity and equal opportunities must be respected, ”says Antonietta Varlese, VP of Communications and CSR, Accor South America.


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