Norwegian Air Argentina exceeded 81% occupancy in July

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Norwegian Air Argentina exceeded 81% occupancy in July
Sat August 03, 2019

The performance represents an improvement of almost 6 occupancy points compared to the month of June. In addition, the airline achieved a punctuality rate of 83% for its entire cabotage operation


Norwegian Air Argentina, the low-fare airline, transported 97,689 passengers in July, which translates into an occupancy level of 81.4%, for its domestic flights. This is an increase of more than 32.5 percent of passengers transported compared to June, with 73,678 and an occupation of 75.8%.

"We are very satisfied with the operation and evolution of our sales, with a growing trend that we see confirmed in July," said Ole Christian Melhus, CEO of Norwegian Air Argentina.

"More and more passengers choose to fly with Norwegian from Aeroparque, and the results show that they are very satisfied with our product, the low fares, the free internet service on board and the good performance exhibited in terms of punctuality," Melhus added.

In relation to the putuality index, the company reached a 83% performance in July for its entire cabotage operation, just one point below its average for this year, 84%.

In this regard, it should be noted that the punctuality index was 82% for the second quarter (April, May, June) of 2019.

Although ANAC reported this week that the punctuality of Norwegian Air Argentina's operation had been 64%, it is essential to note that the agency includes in the category of unpunctual those flights whose takeoff differs by 16 minutes or more from its Scheduled schedule (either by excess or by default).

In that sense, 85% of the flights considered unpunctual by ANAC correspond to "advanced unpunctual" flights.

In 2019, and considering only those flights with delays of more than 15 minutes compared to their scheduled departure time, Norwegian has obtained an 82% punctuality in January; 80% in February; 97% in March; 84% in April; 82% in May; 80% in June; and 83% in July.


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