Almundo and CVC consolidate the largest travel company in Latin America

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Almundo and CVC consolidate the largest travel company in Latin America
Juan Pablo Lafosse, Almundo
Sat August 03, 2019

The omnichannel travel company joins the leading Brazilian tourism group in the region, which are already integrated by Biblos, and the wholesaler Ola, among others


Based on the technological development achieved by Almundo and its rapid regional expansion process, coupled with the quality and talent of its management team, CVC Group presented a binding proposal for the acquisition of the travel company.

The totality of the shares will be acquired by CVC with the aim of strengthening the Digital Transformation path of the Brazilian company, strengthening its positioning in the region and offering travelers the best experience for their trips.

Both companies will continue to operate independently at a commercial level, maintaining their identity and generating collaborative processes to streamline results.

“The union with the CVC Group will not only generate differential advantages for our customers and our business partners, but also have the capacity to expand resources to continue investing in technology and innovating in order to continue growing in the region. We have an absolutely prepared and committed team with this great challenge, ”said Juan Pablo Lafosse, CEO and Founder of Almundo.

The operation was carried out through the subsidiary of CVC Submarino Viagens, one of the leading companies in the sector in Brazil and Latin America.

"We are strengthening ourselves to gain value by operating in different niches of the travel market, with companies that complement each other and that seek to offer the best shopping and travel experience for the consumer, in all sales channels," says Luiz Fernando Fogaça , president of CVC Corp.

“The signed agreement is very important for us as it will allow multiplying the benefits of CVC and Almundo for the complementarity of both businesses and for the exponential growth that the union of their strengths will lead to,” says Miguel Fluxá, President of the Iberostar group.

The agreement signed with the shareholders of Almundo, including the Iberostar Group, principal investor and majority shareholder, will be subject to a legal and financial audit by Submarino Viagens, as well as the approval of the transaction by the regulatory authorities in Brazil. After closing, it will be presented in the same way to the authorities in Argentina.


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