Porto de Galinhas seeks approach with Embratur

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Porto de Galinhas seeks approach with Embratur
Wed August 07, 2019

Ipojuca Tourism Secretary met with representatives of Embratur for the development and structuring of tourism facilities in the region


The Marketing Director of Embratur (Brazilian Tourism Institute) Osvaldo Matos de Melo Junior received this morning the Secretary of Tourism of Ipojuca Mário Pilar. During the meeting, they discussed initiatives to expand the arrival of foreigners in Brazil, and further develop this already one of the main Brazilian tourist destinations.

In addition, Pilar brought a letter signed by the Porto de Galinhas tourist trade, in which she asked for support from Embratur and the Federal Government that on the ground, known as the Governor's House, an area of ​​approximately 40 hectares, and one of the last areas. remaining green areas on the site, be built equipment capable of attracting and make tourists can also extend their stay in the Pernambuco region.

“This is a region that already has more than 15,000 beds, among 20 hotels, 240 inns and five resorts, with an average occupancy of 75%. We believe that the Bolsonaro Government and Embratur will be sensitized so that we can find a destination for the area that is linked to the structuring and creation of new tourist attractions for visitors coming to Porto de Galinhas, ”said Mário Pilar.

The secretary also said that the region today is responsible for 25 thousand direct jobs, that is, more than double the population of the municipalities of Ipojuca and Maracaípe, the two main ones in the region. "With this, creating opportunities for inhabitants of neighboring cities," he said.

“I am in love with this region of northeastern Brazil. Porto de Galinhas is a case of success in tourism in the country. I will try to sensitize President Jair Bolsonaro so that in that area can be developed a tourism equipment, a water park, for example, which is the desire of people who already develop tourism in the region. ”, Said Embratur president Gilson Machado Neto.

According to data from the Ipojuca Department of Tourism, more than 1 million tourists pass each year. Of these, 300,000 are foreigners. “We received 215,000 Argentines. With the new Santiago-Recife flight, we are also working more actively in the Chilean market, and seeking more investments to attract more tourists from Paraguay, ”said Secretary Mário Pilar.


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