Richmond Suites will certify its guests in environmental responsibility

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Richmond Suites will certify its guests in environmental responsibility
Thu August 08, 2019

It is the first and only hotel to lower its charge of Co2 to zero level in the world and capable of generating 130 percent of the energy required to operate

In the Colombian capital, it has been operating at one hundred percent for a couple of months, the only hotel in the world that has managed to reduce its CO2 emissions load to zero level, becoming a milestone for the Bogota and world hotel industry This is partly thanks to the roof and facade solar panel system that it implemented in its recent remodeling which allows it to generate 130% of the energy it requires for its daily operation and which at the same time makes it the only Colombian building that in instead of consuming, it sells energy to the local enel - condensa network.


“It is our commitment at Richmond Suites Hotel with the environment. As we have known for more than 30 years, we are aware of the environmental consequences that are arising from industrial and economic development in the world, such as global warming and the deterioration of biodiversity due to the emissions that arise from these industrial processes. In Richmond Suites we "ally" with the environment and nature to counteract this impact. Solar panels are responsible for supplying 130% of energy to the entire hotel for its operation, reducing CO2 emissions by 100%, ”says Francia Ballesteros, General Manager of Richmond Suites Hotel.

In its 24-room operation, it will stop emitting 34,000 kg of CO2 annually, which is equivalent to driving 270,168 km by car or planting 1785 trees every year for 10 years.

"The fact that the hotel is eco-sustainable has been very striking for our customers, especially for corporate and companies who see in us an option when it comes to demonstrating commitment and responsibility to the environment," adds France. And that is precisely why the hotel decided to implement the delivery of a Certificate of Accommodation for a few months, where the hours - nights of accommodation are converted into tons and / or grams of CO2 left to be consumed or produced in another hotel or accommodation by your employees. The more nights, more grams or tons left to produce which results in the care of natural resources.

This certificate will help companies to comply with the requirement of environmental care and the presentation of it can demonstrate their commitment to the issue. The certificate is delivered in a virtual, digital way and has the endorsement of Garper Energy Solution, company awarded by Andesco in energy efficiency

Certificates will be delivered with the codensate installation of the meter that connects the panels to the external power grid and that will allow the hotel to be completely self-sufficient.

“In Richmond Suites Hotel & Business Center we are committed to all issues related to the care, use and good use of natural resources and the environment for approximately 5 years. Recently, with the investment in remodeling that the building received, apart from showing us how a modern hotel, we are in line with global trends in sustainability”.


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