Costa Cruises will build the 2nd ship with the cleanest fuel in the world

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Costa Cruises will build the 2nd ship with the cleanest fuel in the world
Fri August 09, 2019

This announcement is part of a strategic plan to reduce the carbon footprint defined by Carnival Corporation and fully implemented by Costa Cruises that represents the commitment of the shipping company

The Italian company of Carnival Corporation & plc (NYSE / LSE: CCL; NYSE: CUK), has begun construction of the Tuscan Coast at the Meyer Turku shipyard (Finland). Together with their twin ship, Costa Smeralda, they will become the new flagship cruises of Costa Cruises powered by LNG (Liquid Natural Gas), the cleanest fossil fuel in the world.
The Costa Toscana is the future addition to the Costa Cruises fleet and represents the shipping company's commitment to use cutting-edge technology in pursuit of sustainable innovation, since the introduction of LNG will minimize environmental impact. This translates into improving air quality with the reduction of sulfur dioxide (zero emissions) and particles (95-100% reduction). In addition, the use of LNG will also greatly reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides (direct reduction of 85%) and CO2 (reduction of up to 20%).
The gas will be stored in special tanks on board and will be used to generate the energy required for navigation and ship services thanks to dual-fuel hybrid engines.
With a gross tonnage of more than 180,000 and more than 2,600 cabins in each, Costa Smeralda and Costa Toscana are part of Grupo Costa's fleet expansion plan (which includes the Costa Cruises and AIDA brands), with seven new cruises scheduled for enter into service by 2023 and a global investment of more than 6 billion euros. The first of these latest additions was AIDAnova, delivered last December, followed by the Venezia Coast at the end of February 2019.
The president of Costa Cruises, Neil Palomba, states: “The steel cutting ceremony for Costa Toscana is another step forward in our sustainable development plan. The LNG propulsion for cruise ships is an important innovation, a pioneer in a new era in the use of low-carbon fuels that will significantly reduce exhaust emissions to help protect the environment without compromising safety, in line with our top priorities. Once again, Costa Cruises is paving the way for the industry as a whole: according to our global vision aimed at sustainable development, we were the first to invest in this technology, which is now really beginning to take hold. However, much remains to be done in terms of the immediate availability of the gas supply infrastructure to ensure the smooth transition to LNG. Costa Toscana and its twin ship Costa Smeralda can be very innovative products, but they will retain that inimitable Italian hospitality that has been the hallmark of Costa Cruises since the beginning of the brand, conveying the excitement of ocean travel and providing better experiences to Guests to repeat and first. time cruises alike. "
The two new flagship cruises of the Italian line will be tributes to the best of Italy and, consequently, each one bears the name of one of the most beautiful and popular areas of the country. Costa Smeralda and Costa Toscana are an integral part of the strategic plan for carbon footprint reduction, defined by Carnival Corporation and fully implemented by Costa Cruises. In fact, the measures adopted under a dedicated investment plan allowed Carnival Corporation to reach its 25% carbon reduction target by 2020 about three years earlier than expected, with a 27.6% decrease in emissions from the operations already achieved in 2018.


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