The 3 new parks of Riviera Maya

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The 3 new parks of Riviera Maya
August 14, 2019

The Mexican destination continues to grow in number of attractions for all ages

Theme parks increase in popularity in the Riviera Maya. Recently, Xavage, Jungala Luxury Waterpark and Six Flags theme parks have been opened, which are emerging as the new tourist attractions of the destination.
Grupo Xcaret, the flagship company in this type of attractions, opened in April Xavage its number seven site in Cancun. Located in an old sascabera mine, the company has invested almost 100 million dollars to create this tourist product.
The park has a capacity for 1,200 tourists a day and has six activities in the middle of nature, three of which are aquatic. In addition, it meets the highest international safety standards in the field.
"Xavage combines the efforts of many dreamers to rescue what was a sand mine and turn it into a tourist product with a great positive impact on a social, economic and environmental level," says David Quintana, Vice President of Strategy and Development at Xcaret, according to informs Lights of the century.

Grupo Vidanta marks its foray into this industry with the Jungala Luxury Waterpark project, in the Riviera Maya, with which it will compete with Xcaret. The luxury park has VIP cabins, spa, private areas, adventure attractions, areas designed for children, family games, lazy river, wave pool, restaurants, clothing and handicraft shops, as reported (Photos - The amazing first luxury water park in Riviera Maya).
According to Vidanta, the boutique water park will have a fixed daily capacity to reduce the waiting time for games and tours. This, also to guarantee personalized attention.

In the center of the country is Hurricane Harbor Oaxtepec, Six Flags water park, which recently turned two years old. The attraction is located in Morelos, a strategic area with great nature and close to Mexico City.
18 million dollars were invested in the park's 14 attractions. Under its technologies, underground optical fiber was integrated into the communication infrastructure. In addition, the filtration system of the pools allows recycling 99 percent of the 12,500 cubic meters of water used in the park, the remaining one percent evaporates.
"It is the perfect combination for adrenaline lovers who enjoy our theme parks and those who seek extreme emotions ... with the highest levels of quality and service," said Lorena Zamora, public relations manager of the company.


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