Costa Rica Convention Center celebrates its first anniversary

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Costa Rica Convention Center celebrates its first anniversary
Tue August 20, 2019

The complex of 15,600 square meters with capacity to accommodate up to 5,600 people in all its rooms has just completed its first year of operations

The Grupo Heroica - Volio Trejos SA consortium commemorates the first anniversary of the venue. Alvaro Rojas, General Manager of the CCCR, mentioned: "from the moment the ICT delivered the Convention Center, the objective has been to form a composite team by the best professionals to position our site in the world ".

While Juliana Lopez, CEO of Grupo Eroica, commented: "It has been a successful process of transferring knowledge of leaders of Grupo Eroica who have found local executives willing to do everything so that we have an international operation".

In the complex more than 200 events have already been held with more than 200,000 visitors and thanks to the efficient management of these revenues and costs, they have already reached financial equilibrium.

Gustavo Alvarado, Director of Tourism Management at the ICT said: "The Convention Center represents the most important commitment we have made to support the MICE industry in our country".

María Amalia Revelo, Minister of Tourism of Costa Rica mentioned: "The opening of the Convent Center demonstrates that as a country we continue to innovate and produce world-class tourism".

Tatiana Orozco, ICT Marketing Executive said: "During the first year we have been able to show our potential clients a reality and a structure aligned with our sustainability values".

Juan Carlos Borbón, Marketing Director of the ICT closed by mentioning: "The center is the visible head without a doubt of the industry of meetings and conventions in our country".


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