GOL launches stopover service in Sao Paulo

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GOL launches stopover service in Sao Paulo
Wed August 21, 2019

As of today, customers who have flights with stopovers in Congonhas, Guarulhos or Viracopos will be able to stay in the city as an intermediate stopover up to two nights at no additional cost


As of today, GOL Customers that have flights with a stopover at one of the San Pablo airports (Congonhas, Guarulhos or Viracopos) may remain in the city as an intermediate stopover up to two nights at no additional cost, for the new service of Stopover launched by the Company. This innovation will give more options and facilities to Customers who choose to fly with the company.

“We are very happy with this unpublished association with the Government of the State of Sao Paulo. Today we become the first airline in Brazil to offer Stopover service and, at this time, exclusively for the São Paulo market. This product will increase the range of services and provide even more comfort and benefits to our Clients, who can also enjoy the tourism, culture, leisure, shopping and business opportunities that the city has to offer, ”said Paulo Kakinoff, president of GOL. "Today we have an average of 32 thousand passengers who arrive daily in the State of Sao Paulo, and the possibility of making this additional stopover will undoubtedly be a great attraction, with two trips in the same passage," he concluded.

In practice, those who leave Salvador for Porto Alegre, for example, and have a connection in Sao Paulo, can disembark with their luggage and stay up to two nights in the state of São Paulo before continuing their trip, at no cost.

At the moment, tickets with that facility can be purchased through the airline's website, the company's main direct sales channel with the consumer. At the end of the year, GOL will open the sale in the other channels such as the VoeGOL mobile application and the program for small and medium-sized companies Voe Biz. For next year, after its consolidation, the product will also be extended to business partners, such as travel agencies, and strategic (Air France and KLM).


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