Carnival will reduce disposable plastics by the end of 2021

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Carnival will reduce disposable plastics by the end of 2021
Mon August 26, 2019

The reduction in the company's nine cruise is part of the Operation Oceans Alive program


Carnival Corporation & plc, the world's largest travel and recreation company, announced today that it will significantly eliminate the purchase and consumption of non-essential and disposable plastics by the end of 2021. This effort to drastically reduce the amount of disposable plastics in its nine global cruise lines is part of the expansion of Operation Oceans Alive, the company's program to boost its constant commitment to achieve and sustain compliance and excellence in caring for environment.
Carnival Corporation and its nine cruise lines are already carrying out actions in this regard, including initiatives to reduce or eliminate plastic items such as sorbets, glasses, lids and bags, among other disposable items. The lines also work to potentially eliminate the individual portions of certain packaged food products and other disposable plastics or decorative elements used in the food and beverage service as well as in the cabins.
The company is focusing immediately on reducing disposable plastic elements that are not used for sanitary reasons or related to public health. As part of its rigorous Health, Environment and Safety (HESS) policy and to comply with national and international regulations that govern the operations of cruise ships, there are some disposable plastic items that cannot be completely eliminate, for example, plastic bags for waste baskets in common areas and sanitary gloves, among others.
"We recognize that to be a responsible global organization, a good corporate citizen and the environmental leader that our guests expect us to be, we must continue to take proactive measures to ensure that sustainability is integrated into all aspects of our operations in our nine international lines of cruise, "said Bill Burke, Maritime General Manager of Carnival Corporation.
"Our Operation Oceans Alive platform and this initiative to drastically reduce the amount of disposable plastics in our worldwide fleet are just some of the ways in which we demonstrate our commitment to the constant improvement of our operations and our emphasis on compliance and excellence in environmental care Together with the support of our more than 120,000 exclusive employees, most of whom live and work at sea, we will do our part to conserve and protect the oceans, seas and destinations we visit all over the world. "
Burke added: "We know that our guests share our commitment to protect the world we live in and appreciate their support as we continue to work continuously to be proactive representatives, ambassadors and guardians of our environment."
Emphasizing the long-term objective of Carnival Corporation to achieve and sustain compliance and excellence in environmental care, these efforts are part of the growing program of Operation Oceans Alive, which promotes a culture of transparency, learning and commitment in its global operations.
Carnival Corporation launched Operation Oceans Alive in January 2018, as an internal effort and a call to action to continue ensuring that all employees receive adequate training, training and supervision to continue boosting the company's entire commitment to protect the oceans, Seas and destinations where it operates.
In the first year of the program, the corporation continued to implement innovative technology solutions for sustainability, accelerate environmental training activities and improve communication to achieve a higher level of environmental awareness and a culture of environmental protection. Now the initiative will expand outward as the company's platform in its commitment to achieve and sustain compliance, excellence and leadership in caring for the environment and will continue to expand through increased funding, personnel and responsibilities.
Operation Oceans Alive and the company's plan to drastically reduce the amount of disposable plastics are some of the many ongoing efforts designed to continue strengthening the company's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, as set out in its goals for 2020 sustainability.


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