Sectur presented the tourism promotion and digitalization strategy of Mexico

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Sectur presented the tourism promotion and digitalization strategy of Mexico
Wed August 28, 2019

The administration of President López Obrador will establish a comprehensive digital platform that will transform the country's tourism industry

With the objective of receiving in the year 2024 the visit of 55.3 million international tourists and a spill of 31 thousand 600 million dollars, the federal secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco Marqués, presented this midday the Tourism Promotion and Digitalization Strategy of the country , which will operate through the integral digital platform VisitMexico.
He explained that VisitMexico will not cost even a weight to the federal government, thanks to the fact that an alliance was made with businessmen, who jointly multiply it with service providers and various national and international partners.
“What until now was the VisitMexico portal fulfilled its stage. We have to reposition it adapting it to international practices that, clearly, mark us that the use of digital strategies is the key point for global tourism promotion, ”he said.
He added that now this digital platform will be one of the axes of Mexico's tourism promotion strategy, together with the Tourism Diplomacy Council that the Sectur has implemented with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as a body of consultation and opinion.
“Today we are proposing that digital promotion occupy a primary place in the promotion of tourism activity, with a scheme that will allow collecting business intelligence information, so that each tourist destination focuses its promotion according to its potential, to the habits of consumption of its visitors and the analysis of social media conversations, ”said Torruco Marqués.
Therefore, with VisitMexico you can quantify the results of the promotion through technological tools, which will have better elements for future decision making.
The head of Sectur said that while it is necessary to strengthen our main tourism market: the US, which provides 56 percent of international visitors to Mexico, we must also look to destinations such as Asia, Europe, Central and South America.
“Therefore, VisitMexico will be a before and after in the task of tourism promotion. With this, we take a firm step in the digital strategy to do more with less, but with a universal vision and with the support of the sector, ”he said.
He added that the Ministry of Tourism in his charge will continue to work so that tourism activity remains one of the pillars of our economy, and that its benefits permeate the population, leading to a fair and balanced development.

Self-financing Promotion
For his part, Marcos Achar, president of VisitMexico, said it is a platform that will be completely renovated to become the vehicle for digital promotion for state and municipal governments, as well as for all participants in the tourism industry to national and international level.
He said that this tool will become a self-financing digital ecosystem that integrates all the services, sectors and information that are required to make an effective and innovative digital tourism promotion, according to global trends and the habits of an increasingly dependent Internet society .
VisitMexico will have a site for each state in the country, where you can host the information of the attractions and tourist destinations of the municipalities. In addition, a greater number of suppliers, regardless of their size or the area in which they operate, will have at their disposal a site that will be the showcase to offer products and services digitally, both for national and international tourism.
This comprehensive platform will also offer travelers up-to-date information on the destinations of interest, where they can make payments and reservations electronically quickly and securely, from wherever they are in the world.

Exclusive and royalty-free content
Likewise, exclusive and rights-free content will be developed, such as interviews, reports or television programs produced by international experts such as Discovery Channel and publications for social networks, always according to the tourist vocation of each state or municipality.
Everyone will have access to business intelligence information on tourist consumption habits, in order to focus their promotion, according to the profile of their visitors.

Modernization and digitization
In addition, a digitalization and modernization plan will be launched for tourism service providers and for the more than 6,500 travel agencies registered in the country, which may use the platform as a daily work tool, which will include an application self-administered, booking engines and electronic payments, so they can make their services efficient and increase their sales.
Online training courses and workshops will also be carried out with different themes, both for tourism service providers and for the Tourism Diplomacy Council.

Social projects
“We build a novel scheme in which the private initiative will finance social projects, such as the recovery of public spaces or programs of inclusive online care; in this way they can also obtain an Inclusive Tourist Attention certification, ”said the President of VisitMexico.
This certification is granted for having knowledge for the care of people with disabilities and providing an adequate service to this segment of the population with the adaptation of access and infrastructure in general.

DATA usage
As never before, the DATA collected will determine the ideal tourist profile for each tourist destination, municipality and state of the Republic.
Thus, it will be possible to have information that correlates data and results of information analysis, through tools endorsed and recognized worldwide, such as Google, Otas, Prosa, Sojern and other on-site market studies. Even, results will be quantified and the conversation will be analyzed in social networks.
This process of the use of DATA will place the country among the top 10 places worldwide in receiving foreign exchange for tourism, in order to generate a greater economic spill for the communities.

Efficient and plural promotion
Likewise, effective negotiations will be sought with the business sector to have advertising spaces in specific media with the intention of reaching the target audiences required by each tourist destination.
Among others, we highlight Google Mexico, Google Latin America, Twitter, Disney and Discovery Channel, as well as national media, hoping that more companies committed to Mexico will be added.
The measurement tools will be fundamental in the dissemination of the messages, since it will be possible to identify the return on investment in each peso that is invested.

"We are convinced that the joint work between the Government of Mexico, state governments, municipalities, companies and tourism service providers is the best way to achieve the tourist growth that Mexico requires," said Achar


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