Embratur team meets with North American tourist trade

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Embratur team meets with North American tourist trade
Wed August 28, 2019

Held by President Gilson Machado Neto, meetings served to disclose the visa waiver for the US tourist and the actions planned by the new board of the Institute

Embratur president attended a meeting with ASTA president Jack Grant. The two managers talked about the need to present what is actually happening in Brazil, about the fires that occur in the north of the country. Gilson Machado Neto took the opportunity to talk about the tourism potential of the country and about the actions that Embratur has been working to promote Brazil abroad. The president of ASTA showed support for the new promotional campaigns: “We are at Embratur's full disposal so that, jointly, we can spread the natural beauties that only Brazil has,” said Grant.

In Miami, the team met with Greater Miami Convention Bureau chairman William Talber; Gisela Martí, vice president of Marketing and Tourism; and Maria Dreyfus, specialist in the economic development of tourism. President Talber explained how the tourism promotion of the city of Miami is done. He also highlighted the actions that have been developed over the years in partnership with the private sector, which has generated a significant increase in the flow of tourists that increasingly fill the state of Florida.

In the afternoon, President Gilson Machado met with the American tourist trade. Participants included Florida Chamber of Commerce Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Thaís Reiss; Insigneo's Chief Financial Officer, Luiz David Azambuja; Business Traveler Deals CEO Manoel Suhet; Air Projects administrator, Thiago Braga; president of Discover Brazil Tours, Dan Matheson; and Azul airlines, represented by commercial manager Gaston Rodriguez, and LATAM, represented by Alexandra Garcia, Director of Sales for Latin America and the Caribbean Region. During the meeting, solutions to the main bottlenecks that hinder the growth of Brazilian tourism abroad were discussed. Embratur's transformation into an agency was also discussed and had the participation of all participants.

At the meeting with the trade, Embratur's Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Osvaldo Matos, explained to the entrepreneurs the actions of digital marketing and programmatic media that are being prepared. The Embratur entourage, formed by the president of the Institute, the Director of Marketing and Public Relations, the Coordinator of Advertising, Sílvio Nascimento, the advisor of the Presidency, Rafael Luisi, and the server Arthur Grimaldi, continues in the United States until the end. of the week.


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