Tourist Diplomacy Council of Mexico meets for the first time

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Tourist Diplomacy Council of Mexico meets for the first time
Thu August 29, 2019

Topics such as the launch of the VisitMexico platform, the fight against sargassum and the development of the Mayan Train project were addressed

The first working session of the Tourism Diplomacy Council was held, which served to strengthen the relationship between the public sector and the private sector of this industry, as well as to demonstrate a strong intention to work as a team.

Headed by the Secretaries of Tourism and Foreign Affairs, Miguel Torruco Marqués and Marcelo Ebrard Casaubón, businessmen such as Miguel Alemán Magnani, from the Calem Group attended this work meeting; Braulio Arsuaga Losada, from Grupo Presidente; and Andrés Conesa, from Aeromexico, among others.

There, all participants, who added 34, pledged to take on the task of promoting tourism and the image of Mexico abroad.

During the session, it was announced that the Tourism Diplomacy Council will carry out actions to strengthen the country's image, which will be called to join states and municipalities.

The appointment of the Secretary of Quality and Regulation of Sectur, Humberto Hernández Haddad, as general coordinator of the Technical Secretariat of the Tourism Diplomacy Council was also announced.

In this regard, Torruco Marqués explained that, based on an agreement reached with the Chancellor, the Sectur and the SRE will alternate each year the Technical Secretariat of the Tourism Diplomacy Council.

Several were the members who intervened during the more than two hours that the meeting lasted, such as Javier Prado Gómez, of Consulting Freden, who spoke about the transformation towards the new image of Mexico; Marcos Achar, president of VisitMexico, who made a presentation of this renewed platform as a vehicle for digital tourism promotion for the country; and Ignacio Cabrera, director of Tourism Diplomacy of the SRE, who proposed an agreement to generate promotional actions through archeology.

For his part, Rear Admiral Enrique Flores Morado, from the Secretariat of the Navy, gave an explanation about the strategy that this unit has followed to combat the sargassum plague in the Mexican Caribbean; while the general director of the National Fund for Tourism Promotion, Rogelio Jiménez Pons, gave a general presentation on the progress of the Mayan Train project that is being developed in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Upon taking the floor, the president of the National Tourism Business Council, Pablo Azcárraga Andrade, said that this is a good time to refocus Mexico's tourism activity and to aspire to achieve the great potential it has. "This meeting is a watershed to achieve true teamwork between the public sector and entrepreneurs," he said.

He added that he likes the figures of foreign exchange capture and arrival of tourists that the secretary Torruco Marques was marked as goals for the end of six years, which he considered achievable. Finally, he said that the tourism business sector that is part of the CNET has the greatest and best disposition to collaborate at a time where he feels that what we do or stop doing is critical. "I congratulate that we can have this moment," he said.

At the end of the interventions, Secretary Torruco Marqués said that the Ministry of Tourism has not stopped working on tourism marketing actions or carrying out strengthening actions, such as the Tourist Tianguis that next year will be based in the City of Merida , "Which is on a very good road and will have very good surprises like the ones in Acapulco this year, where the number of business appointments rose, compared to Mazatlan 2018," he said.


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