Chile boosts domestic tourism

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Chile boosts domestic tourism
Thu August 29, 2019

The goal is to ensure that every time they are Chilean, they are encouraged to know the attractions of their country


Chile is recognized throughout the world for its diverse tourist destinations and the natural beauty of its landscapes, distinctive elements that year after year seduce millions of foreign tourists who visit and tour the country. The goal now is to get more and more Chileans and Chileans are encouraged to know the national territory.
For this reason, the Undersecretariat of Tourism and Sernatur launched the “And you, how much do you know Chile?” Campaign, a promotional initiative that seeks to help the residents of the country visit and enjoy the different experiences that the regions provide.
The action promotes different national destinations through the website, a platform where the user can, through a game, verify the percentage of knowledge they have of the country and receive recommendations of places for new trips and trips Weekend in destinations near the place of residence. In this way, it seeks to boost short, medium and long distance markets.
In this regard, the Minister of Economy, Development and Tourism, Juan Andrés Fontaine, stressed that “being a few weeks after the holidays of September 18, we wanted to do this initiative with the Undersecretariat of Tourism, with Sernatur, to promote internal tourism . We Chileans travel through Chile, but we always go to the same places. Therefore, what we are looking for is to encourage us to know new places, which can be interesting and of different cultural value. ”
For its part, the Undersecretary of Tourism, Monica Zalaquett, said that “internal tourism is essential for the consolidation of destinations. With this campaign we want Chileans to rediscover our country, look at it with tourist eyes and encourage us to travel through it. Chile, year by year, attracts the attention of more and more foreign tourists and we want those who have the fortune to live in this wonderful country can also enjoy all that it has to offer. We have a diverse offer, from the desert to millenary ice and we just need to decide to go out and see the beauty that our territory gives us ”.
Meanwhile, the national director of Sernatur, Andrea Wolleter, said that “this campaign has an innovation component with the website, since it adapts to the digital tourist who plans his trip through this type of tools. We want more Chileans to be encouraged to travel around their country, because we also boost local economies, which is also part of the benefits that tourism brings. ”

How Chileans travel
According to the Longitudinal Study of Internal Tourism, prepared by the Undersecretariat of Tourism, during 2018 more than 23 million trips were made, with at least one night of overnight stay outside the home. Of these, 10,091,629 trips were during high season and 13,727,701 trips were made during the rest of the year.
In addition, the Metropolitan Region is the largest emissive region, with 45.6% of the total volume of households traveling during the year, followed by Biobío (11.6%) and Valparaíso (10.3%).
Meanwhile, the 5 regions most visited by Chileans are: Valparaíso, which accounts for 25% of the country's travelers. Follow Biobío with 14.3%; Araucanía with 9.8%; Coquimbo with 9.4% and Maule with 8.3%. As for the most visited wild areas during 2018 by Chileans, the Vicente Perez Rosales National Park, followed by Los Flamencos and the La Portada Natural Monument, stand out.

Awards for traveling in Chile
The campaign was launched in the Metropolitan Park of Santiago, where visitors from that green lung of the capital were able to participate in a dynamic contest, sharing the activity on social networks to win prizes that included six $ 100,000 gift cards, amount that It can be exchanged for air tickets to any destination within the national territory.


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