The United Kingdom is the main tourism issuing market of Europe to Mexico

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The United Kingdom is the main tourism issuing market of Europe to Mexico
Tue September 03, 2019

n 2018 590945 British tourists arrived in Mexico by plane. That figure positions that issuing market as the fourth globally for the Latin American country

With 590 thousand 945 tourists who arrived in Mexico by plane during 2018, the United Kingdom is the main issuer of travelers to our country from Europe and the fourth globally, said the Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marqués.
During a work tour he did this day in the state of Hidalgo, along with the United Kingdom ambassador to Mexico, the Hon. Corin Jean Stella Robertson, the head of the Ministry of Tourism (Sectur) said that this important passenger market for our country grew 16.8 percent during the last three years (2015-2018), from 505 thousand 954 tourists to 590 thousand 954 by air; while in the first half of this year it registered an increase of 1.2 percent, with 276 thousand 92 visitors.
Coming mainly from the cities of Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow, London, Manchester, New Castle and Nottingham, last year they flew to Cancun, where 456,618 tourists arrived, 77.3 percent of the total; 77 thousand 781 made it to Mexico City, 13.1 percent; and 56 thousand 546 arrived in Puerto Vallarta, 9.6 percent of the total.
While in the first six months of 2019, the registry indicates that 203 thousand 542 tourists arrived at the international airport of Cancun, 73.7 percent of the total; 42,561 flew to Mexico City, 15.4 percent; and 30 thousand 73 passengers landed in Puerto Vallarta, 9.6 percent, in one of the five airlines that have direct operations between the United Kingdom and Mexico: British Airways, Aeromexico, Thomas Cook, Tui Airways or Virgin Atlantic.
The work tour began in the morning, with a tour of the Paste Museum, in the Magic Town of Real del Monte, to continue with a visit to the English Pantheon located in this same town.
At this stage of the tour, Ambassador Stella Robertson said that since arriving in Mexico about a year ago, she had been told a lot about the importance of Real del Monte, about the bilateral history she has with the United Kingdom, so she said Feel very happy to be here.
"In the British embassy and the British government we are very proud of the historical ties of Mexico and the United Kingdom, and all those links began here in Real del Monte," said the diplomat.
I add that he always talks about the importance of trade between his country and ours, and that part of the embassy's job is to boost that trade. "But I understand that our most important and most historic exports were: soccer, golf, tennis, pastes too and I feel very proud," he said.
Finally, he assured that the British love Mexico because of what he promised will boost tourism to our country and also especially for Real del Monte.
Subsequently, a meal was offered to Excma. Ambassador Stella Robertson in Pachuca.
There, Torruco Marqués said that with 25.3 percent of travelers visiting us from Europe, the United Kingdom ranks first with 25.3 percent, followed by Spain, with 16.5 percent; Germany, 12.4 percent; France, 12.3 percent and Italy, with 7.9 percent (data to 2018).
In the period from January to June 2019, these data are as follows: United Kingdom, 23.9 percent; Spain, 14.8; France, 14.0; Germany, 12.7 and Italy, with 7.0 percent.
Globally, of the total international tourist arrivals to Mexico, in 2018, the United Kingdom ranked fourth, after the United States, Canada and Colombia.
The tour concluded in Zapotlán de Juárez, where they toured the C5i. This checkpoint is where the images of the five thousand 20 video surveillance cameras installed in 21 municipalities of the state are received.
During the entire tour of the day, the Secretary of Tourism of the Hidalgo government, Eduardo Javier Baños Gómez, as well as the first secretary of Political Affairs of the British embassy, ​​Ben Myeres, were present.


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