According to the Sectur, the domestic market is vital for the Mexican tourism industry

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According to the Sectur, the domestic market is vital for the Mexican tourism industry
Wed September 04, 2019

Miguel Torruco Marqués, Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico, attended the inauguration of Abastur 2019, where he said that domestic tourism spills 240 billion pesos a year

With an annual volume of 252 million tourists and an economic spill of 240 billion pesos, the domestic market is vital for the country's tourism industry, said the Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marqués.

When attending the inauguration of Abastur 2019, he pointed out that national tourists traveling through the Mexican Republic represent 82.5 percent of national tourist consumption, in addition to 39.4 percent, that is: 99.5 million travelers, stay in a hotel.

He added that while the international market is very important, for decades internal tourism has been the support of the Mexican tourism industry, especially when complicated situations have been faced. "Therefore, we will focus on its strengthening," he said.

Torruco Marqués said that Mexico's tourism activity maintains its growth and development rhythm, as evidenced by 178,730 new jobs generated in the second quarter of 2019, an amount that is 4.3 percent higher than in the same period last year.

He also said that by the end of this year around 22 thousand new rooms will have been built, 2.7 percent more than in 2018; while foreign direct investment in the sector was, in the first half of the year, 507 million 700 thousand dollars, equivalent to 2.8 percent of the total foreign investment captured in the country.

He recalled that in the January-June 2019 period, 22 million 100 thousand international tourists arrived, 7 percent above 2018, which left a spill of 11 thousand 915 million dollars, 13.9 percent higher than the previous year.

In addition, in the first six months the number of border tourists totaled 9 million 884 thousand, with a growth of 14.8 percent. The expense incurred by these travelers was 617 million 200 thousand dollars, 17.5 percent more than in the same period of 2018.

With the presence of David Babani Morales, president of the Advisory Council of the Mexican Association of Tourism Providers (AMAIT), the head of Sectur explained that an activity can have high growth, an important contribution in economic indicators and not be sufficient to promote the regional balance, the development of the destinations and the quality of life of its inhabitants, so in this new federal administration the government is concerned about generating the welfare conditions required by the inhabitants of the tourist centers.

“With the governments of the states and municipalities, as well as with the private sector, we work so that the economic spill of foreign tourists is increasing, in such a way that at the end of the administration we will be among the top ten places at the level world currency reception, ”he said.

Therefore, he estimated that by 2024, 55 million 300 thousand foreign tourists will be arriving in Mexico, which will generate an economic spill of 31.6 billion dollars.

Torruco Marqués said that around 400 exhibitors from Mexico and the world participate in Abastur, who present the latest trends, technologies and innovations, and it is a space where the most important suppliers and buyers of the hotel and restaurant industry meet, who They seek to renew themselves and offer a better service that meets the demands of a constantly changing tourism industry.

“In this regard, I do not want to ignore that a few days ago we presented the“ VisitMexico ”platform that will occupy a central place in our digital strategy, with a scheme that will allow us to collect business intelligence information so that each tourist destination focuses its promotion agreement to its potential, to the consumption habits of its visitors and to the analysis of the conversations of the social networks ”, he added.

And he pointed out that with VisitMexico you can quantify the results of the promotion through technological tools and, in this way, you will have better elements for future decision making.


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