Mystical adventure with the Xenotes de Xcaret Tour

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Mystical adventure with the Xenotes de Xcaret Tour
Fri September 06, 2019

Touring the four different types of cenotes that exist in the world is the ideal experience to live, enjoy and explore the culture and nature in the heart of the Riviera Maya


For travelers looking for a true experience that connects them with nature beyond the beach in the Riviera Maya, visiting the Cenotes, these mysterious underground caverns, are positioned as the best alternative in which, in addition to swimming in water exploration , you can interact with these natural gems through various activities such as assisted rappelling, zip lines and kayaking.

The cenotes are a gift of nature, since they are born when the limestone of the soil begins to dissolve thanks to the rain and the currents of the underground rivers. When the cavity is increasing, little by little it is exposing the underground chambers in which these crystalline waters lie and, finally, when the roof falls, the beauty of the cenote is exposed.

Since ancient times, the cenotes have been sacred places where they performed rituals and ceremonies to ask for and thank the abundance provided by the gods. The energy of the earth, air, water and fire can still be felt on the Xenotes by Xcaret tour that creates the ideal environment for those who seek to connect with the deepest of themselves and nature, experience and overcome the everyday immersed in an ancient environment, knowing and living the most spectacular cenotes of the destination:

LU’UM or cenote earth: he is the youngest of all the cenotes, he is eight million years old. It is a cave cenote with an upper vault that functions as an entrance. In this, the brave adventurers can go down in assisted rappelling to emphasize and enjoy this magical place from another perspective or launch from a platform 2 meters high.
IIK ’or cenote aire: Known as an ancient cenote due to its advanced age, it naturally presents a limited flow with the aquifer, due to the collapse of the roof. It is ideal for the more adventurous, since you can explore it by zip-lining, enjoy watering and even jump off a 7-meter high cliff.
HA ’or cenote water: it offers visitors the possibility to explore its incredible aquatic garden by swimming or with a relaxing kayak ride, while enjoying the beautiful natural light that passes through the upper opening of the cavern.
K’ÁAK ’or cenote fire: surrounded by large limestone walls, covered with the vast vegetation of the Mayan jungle, it is ideal for lovers of nature and relaxation, as there is much to admire. You can venture to this cenote through a zip line and travel comfortably by sailing on a tire or do some exercise while swimming and enjoying the sounds and views of nature.

The Xenotes by Xcaret tour includes transportation to the four cenotes, certified guide, photographer, transportation, food and drinks making it a complete experience ideal for nature lovers of all levels and for the whole family. On this tour, even the smallest travelers can explore these natural wonders through assisted rappelling, zip lining, kayaking, swimming, snorkeling and much more.


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