Palladium Hotel Group closes alliance with Real Madrid

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Palladium Hotel Group closes alliance with Real Madrid
Fri September 06, 2019

The hotel group has presented in Madrid the agreement whereby it becomes an official sponsor of the basketball team that participates in the ACB League

Real Madrid and the Palladium hotel group yesterday presented in Madrid the agreement whereby the Ibizan company becomes an official sponsor of the sports team's basketball team. An act that Florentino Pérez, president of Real Madrid, defined as a "very important day" for this section: «We join the name of Real Madrid to a prestigious company that will help us be stronger and face new challenges at a stage which is already historical for our basketball team ».

"We started this new path together to continue expanding a legendary track record, to continue demonstrating every day that with work, effort and sacrifice there is no impossible word," said the president.

"Today Real Madrid basketball is starring in a feat that will be remembered by all of us who love this sport. This team and these players are already legends of Real Madrid, led by a winning coach like Pablo Laso. The data is unquestionable and This team has won 17 titles in the last 8 seasons: 2 European Cups, 1 Intercontinental Cup, 5 Leagues, 5 King Cups and 4 Spanish Super Cups This is a winning cycle that is almost unrepeatable, but these players they show each season that their ambition to keep winning has no limits, "he added.

For Florentino Pérez, "Real Madrid Basketball joins one of the largest Spanish hotel chains in the world» as its "values ​​coincide in the constant search for excellence".

For Real Madrid it is crucial to choose their partners well, so Florentino Pérez wanted to thank the Palladium Hotel Group for "the confidence that the Real Madrid shirt is part of your identity sign" after "an almost unrepeatable winning cycle".

Abel Matutes Prats, declared Real Madrid, said that "this agreement means a step forward in the effort to make the brand known as Real Madrid is essential for this."

Matutes said that "Real Madrid is a mirror to look at, as they both share certain values ​​such as providing the best experience with excellence as a flag."

In this way, the Palladium Hotel Group will be present in the Real Madrid basketball jersey from the 2019-2020 season as the main sponsor, a place that was occupied by the European University.


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