More and more travelers value the aesthetics of hotels

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More and more travelers value the aesthetics of hotels
Tue September 10, 2019

According to a study 48% of travelers decide to renovate their home inspired by the decoration of the hotel where they were staying


According to a study by the decoration of the holiday accommodation can offer such an unforgettable experience that more than half of the travelers (48%) decide to renew their own home when they return. That is why offers the following tips to decorate any holiday accommodation in the most inspirational and original way to surprise each host and light the decoration wick when they return to their homes.

Wallpaper: put the house at bay
To give that distinctive touch to a special corner of the accommodation, one of the best options is wallpaper. The stripes on the wallpaper do not go out of style, so you will always succeed with this print on the wall.

Furniture: all the details ready
Polka dots are an ideal print with which to decorate any room to give a touch of color or add a cheerful and fun pattern to the space. It can work in any space of the house.

Textile: a decoration of high flights
The flyers are a good resource to decorate all those spaces that visually seem somewhat flat. They can be used easily through curtains, cushions or any household clothes.

Details: make a difference
The small details are what are really going to convert the space of a house and fill it with a personal style. Books, vintage lamps, hats, decorative figures, etc. They are the key to customize the accommodation.

Flowers: breathe inspiration
Transforming an accommodation can be as simple as dressing it with flowers. From a small garden to breathe nature inside the apartment or house itself. The flowers will bring a beautiful color palette to the home.


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