Customization without scales

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Customization without scales
Matias Rojas, American Airlines
Tue September 10, 2019

Matías Rojas, Regional Sales Manager of American Airlines, shares with us a column where he reflects on the need to adapt according to customer demand in an increasingly competitive scenario


By Matías Rojas, regional sales manager, American Airlines Chile and Peru

On July 24, the world record for flights was broken in a day with 230,000, which meant that there were times with more than 20,000 airplanes in the air. This, more than a curious fact, is the real proof that aeronautics has established itself as the preferred industry to cover long distances, which pushes us to be creative in the way of responding to the change of mentality of customers, for whom Finding good prices and few stops is no longer enough.

The competition in this scenario leaves a question for the airlines: how to overcome this challenge while aiming to deliver a better service to passengers? Personalization is the answer.

The concept of “customer satisfaction” not new in commercial aviation, however, is not until recent times that it has become more than a generic business pillar: its correct study, application and dedication can deliver a competitive advantage decisive

With the entry of new airlines, that "extra" customer satisfaction becomes vital. Many in the industry are still looking to match the ground through the same commercial strategies of yesteryear (such as seasonal promotions), obsolete in a dynamic reality. But the way is another: the more customization we implement, the more benefits tailored to the customers will have, and with that there will be a better loyalty process. It is the opportunity to improve as never before the relationship that the industry has with those who are its livelihood.

An example are mobile apps. In addition to the typical uses (such as booking flights or checking their status) this tool has advanced towards total customization. In American, customers can access a total luggage tracking in real time, enter the on-board entertainment service with a streaming according to their preferences, reserve food at the restaurants of the airports where they will pass to pick it up when deemed convenient, among other actions; Not to mention that many of these apps have also moved to other platforms such as smart watches, in our case, the Apple Watch.

The transformation involved in emerging technologies, such as Internet of Things (IoT), artificial operational intelligence and virtual reality, will continue to demand creativity, investment and commitment, but no associated effort will be compared to the real benefits of achieving progress such as this. After all, personalization is already a natural and inevitable process in the behavior of consumers, and a fundamental requirement for companies to continue being competitive and valued.

Fly towards a nonstop customization, that is destiny.


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