President of Cotelco highlights in Russia the global problem of the hotel sector

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President of Cotelco highlights in Russia the global problem of the hotel sector
Gustavo Adolfo Toro Velásquez, Cotelco
Tue September 10, 2019

Within the framework of the General Assembly of UNWTO Affiliated Members Gustavo Adolfo Toro Velásquez requested that three different problems that are affecting the sector be studied carefully


Dr. Gustavo Adolfo Toro Velásquez, national executive president of Cotelco, attends the 41st General Assembly of Affiliated Members of the World Tourism Organization - UNWTO, within the framework of the 23rd General Assembly, which from yesterday until Friday September 13 has Place in the city of St. Petersburg, Russia.

The president of Cotelco was re-elected to the Board of Directors of Affiliate Members, after obtaining the seventh highest vote worldwide, to be part of it in the period 2019-2021.

During the first day of the General Assembly, the president of Cotelco presented to the Affiliate Members the three main concerns of hoteliers in the world. The first is the promotion of non-formal accommodation establishments, through different technological platforms, without complying with the legal requirements that hoteliers must assume. In this context, he invited those present to the next meeting of the “ReformBnB” movement, which will take place in November in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In the second point he referred to the dominant position of the OTAS (online travel agencies) and the role they play in marketing hotels, imposing their conditions. “We consider that the conditions, in some cases, do not respect the regulations of the countries, for example, in Colombia, on the issue of parity and retention clauses at the source, which do not admit it, thereby generating an extra cost for the hotelier ”He commented.

Finally, he addressed the issue of payment of copyright, remembering that hotel rooms are considered private homes worldwide, where there is no public execution of works protected by copyright, and therefore, must be exempt from payment of said rights.

In conclusion of these three points, Dr. Gustavo Toro asked the UNWTO to study these issues carefully, which are affecting the hotel sector worldwide; He also suggested creating a special group of hoteliers to work around these issues. In response, the Director of Affiliate Members, Ion Vilcu, expressed his full support for the creation of the group through the AMConnect platform, launched during the event.


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