Chapelco and a new campaign for the detection of breast cancer

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Chapelco and a new campaign for the detection of breast cancer
Wed September 11, 2019

Next Saturday, September 14, Chapelco Ski Resort will carry out a new campaign for early detection of breast cancer with LALCEC


At almost 2000 m high, at the summit of the emblematic Cerro Teta that integrates the Chapelco cord, it will once again make a "human pink loop" to raise awareness about the importance of periodic medical checks.

Once again, Chapelco offers the possibility of becoming agents multipliers of this message that seeks to raise awareness and save more and more lives. The appointment is next Saturday, September 14 at 11.30 am at the summit of Cerro Teta to be the protagonist of a new edition of the #JuntosAlTeta campaign.

All the people who, due to their level of skiing and snowboarding, can access the summit of Cerro Teta through the Silla del Mallín can participate. The meeting point will be at the exit of the means of elevation, given the immensity offered by the view of the Andes Mountains. There will be a new "human pink ribbon", a symbol of the fight against breast cancer.

Aerial images taken from a drone will be viralized in the media and social networks, to reach with this message as many women as possible, reminding them of the importance of conducting annual medical studies.

Cerro Teta was named after the pioneers of Chapelco, who saw in it the silhouette of a female breast. The #JuntosAlteta Campaign conducted by Chapelco Ski Resort in winter and summer, is inspired by a group of women recovered from this disease and also in treatment, who in the late 90s set out to climb Cerro Teta as a symbol of overcoming, leading to the top is the message that it is possible to detect it in time and save lives.

Statistics indicate that in Argentina between 15,000 and 20,000 new cases are diagnosed per year, most of them in advanced stages. It is estimated that at 80, one in 8 women had, has or will have breast cancer. Early detection is the most effective method to combat it.

Chapelco took this initiative and added its operational capacity, its convening power, visibility in the media, the ability to viralize the message and the institutional support of LALCEC, Argentine League of Fight Against Cancer, consolidating this campaign that has already taken 3 Summer and 3 winter editions.

The invitation is open to men, women and children who want to join in spreading this message. In each edition, women with great recovery stories are present, some want to tell and others prefer to keep in memory. The important thing will be, once again, to join, accompany those stories and raise this call to create awareness.


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