Viva Air prepares to boost its growth through an agreement with Amadeus

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Viva Air prepares to boost its growth through an agreement with Amadeus
Wed September 11, 2019

The group of low-cost airlines will offer consistent experiences to the traveler through travel agencies and companies while taking advantage of the indirect channel to expand their business and increase their income

Low-cost airlines (LCCs) are growing at a rapid pace in Latin America, and the projections are still bright for them. Viva Air, which operates in Colombia and Peru, is one of the fastest growing LCCs in the region. To accelerate this growth, Viva Air has partnered with Amadeus to maximize sales through travel agencies and companies, signing its first distribution agreement.

Viva Air will make its national and international flights, as well as negotiated fares, can be booked at all Amadeus outlets in Colombia, Peru and the United States, with future projections to other countries. Travel agents and corporate clients using Amadeus will have direct access to this information with full precision about the availability of their flights and seats, thus boosting Viva Air sales in these markets.

Viva Air will become the first low-cost airline in Colombia to sign a distribution agreement, highlighting the importance of using all channels, thanks to Amadeus Travel Platform, to increase the exposure and market share of this growing airline.

Felix Antelo, CEO, Viva Air Group, said: "As a low-cost airline, we have the vision to continue expanding and ensure that our clients have the best travel experience in the region. In response to our strategy of increasing our channels of distribution and visibility of our inventory to attract new customers, we are very excited to make our content available through the largest travel network in the world.We are sure that partnering with Amadeus will allow us to present more specific and relevant offers to our clients."

Elena Avila, Executive Vice President, Americas, Airlines, Amadeus, said: "Amadeus helps hundreds of airlines expand their global reach and enter new markets. We welcome the Viva Air Group to our network and we will work closely with they and our travel agencies to support their expansion plans in Latin America".

The Viva Air Group is one of the main low-cost airlines in the region, transporting more than 4 million passengers per year. Viva Air currently operates 25 destinations in 3 markets: 12 in Colombia, 12 in Peru and 1 in the United States, with 31 national routes and 4 international routes. The Group continues to expand and will be adding 50 new Airbus 320 aircraft to its fleet in the coming years.


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