Paradisus Playa del Carmen eliminates 90% of single-use plastics

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Paradisus Playa del Carmen eliminates 90% of single-use plastics
Wed September 11, 2019

The Resort plans to reach 100% in December. Returnable bottles, cornstarch sorbets and biodegradable waste bags, the keys to this ecological movement that copied the Riviera Maya


Paradisus Playa del Carmen has announced today that it has already eliminated 90% of disposable plastic materials and expects, by December, to have eliminated 100%. This move, which already stormed the Riviera Maya, was very well received by guests who applaud the chain's initiatives to preserve the environment with this measure that reduced more than 15 tons of CO2 emissions generated by waste from garbage every year.

Already in 2018, Gabriel Escarrer, Executive Vice President and CEO of Meliá Hotels International, had announced the beginning of a path free of plastics in all the properties of the firm, being Paradisus Playa del Carmen the pioneer in this area. In this case, bottles, glasses, bags, sorbets and coasters were replaced by ones made from easily compostable materials such as cornstarch, agave fiber and spoons and biodegradable plates of other vegetable fibers.

For Paradisus Playa del Carmen who receives an estimated 2,000 people every day, this change has required a lot of work by the staff, which had to be trained in the face of this new landscape. In partnership with “Vero Water”, the Resort has water purification sources that dispense water, both with and without gas, in reusable bottles. From them comes the water that is served in the 16 restaurants and bars of the complex. In the rooms, the classic disposable plastic bottles have been replaced by reusable glass bottles.

Sorbets, disposable bottles and revolvers, are just the tip of the iceberg that is in sight of the host. In the back of the complex, it is where changes to leave behind single-use plastics have more weight: changes in staff training and re-evaluation of suppliers, which led to the discovery of easily compostable and environmentally friendly materials, such as for example, the replacement of the bags for waste management and the "Ziploc type" closure, so common in kitchens.

The "Hollywood of Tourism", as the Riviera Maya is known, is one of the pioneer destinations in environmental care, being Paradisus Playa del Carmen a beacon for other hotel chains for its work in the field, since its opening at the end of 2011. In the words of Conrad Bergwerf, General Director of Paradisus Playa del Carmen "We are very proud of the results of our team, which are honoring with incredible responsibility having been finalists last year of the Environmental Award category, awarded by the World Travel & Tourism Council, and that has been an important incentive to continue being a benchmark for sustainability in the destination. "

As if all these measures were not enough, from Paradisus Playa del Carmen they announced that the next big step will be to work with a sustainable rural development association to also change the way in which part of the food for consumption within the complex is obtained.


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