The Nascar Peak race will leave a large spill of currencies in CDMX

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The Nascar Peak race will leave a large spill of currencies in CDMX
Thu September 12, 2019

Torruco Marqués, informed that this event will generate the reservation of 114 thousand rooms and a hotel occupation of almost 75 percent


With an assistance to the Hermanos Rodríguez racetrack estimated at 49 thousand spectators, the Nascar Peak race, which will be held in Mexico City, will leave a spill of 54 million 512 thousand pesos for three days, said the Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marqués.

In addition, it is projected that the event, which will have a presence in the capital the last two days of November and the first of December, will generate the reservation of 114 thousand rooms, raising hotel occupancy to 74.8 percent.

In its most recent competition, held earlier this month in the city of San Luis Potosí, 15,889 people attended, with an economic spill estimated at 11.4 million pesos. And with 8,442 rooms contracted, hotel occupancy was 51.7 percent during the event.

In making a summary, during a press conference that took place this morning at the offices of the federal Ministry of Tourism, its headline informed that the results accumulated in the Nascar Peak competitions in Aguascalientes, Puebla, Chihuahua, Querétaro and San Luis Potosí , they added 106 thousand 713 spectators, with a spill of 68.4 million pesos and 282 million 697 thousand 197 impacts on social networks.

For the race to be held in Mexico City, it is estimated that the impacts on social networks will reach 120 million. Likewise, the competition will be broadcast to 17 countries in Latin America, through Fox Sports 3.

Last year, Nascar Peak exceeded 625 million impacts on social networks and currently has more than one million followers on Facebook. In Mexico it is the fastest growing championship organized by Nascar outside the United States.

The head of Sectur explained that the alliance that the agency in charge signed with Nascar generates several benefits, such as the contribution of a new scheme to boost sports tourism and to promote the destination "Mexico" in international markets; In addition to that, through the great dissemination platform of Nascar Peak Mexico Series, our country and the destinations where the contest takes place are promoted.

With the presence of Carlos Mackinlay, Secretary of Tourism of Mexico City; David Chad Seigler, global vice president of Nascar; and Jimmy Morales, general director of Nascar Peak Mexico Series, Torruco Marqués added that these events do not mean any cost to Sectur or to the federal entities, in addition to representing the population's approach to the sport of motor racing, regardless of their age or condition socioeconomic

The remaining races to be carried out in the remainder of the year are: Guadalajara, September 28 and 29; Puebla, October 19 and 20; Aguascalientes, November 9 and 10; and the grand finale on November 30 and December 1, in Mexico City.

Upon taking the floor, Chad Seigler said: “On behalf of all Nascar, we are very happy. A few months ago I had the privilege of participating in the alliance with federal Sectur and today we continue to see the great market value that Mexico represents for Nascar. ”

In turn, Jimmy Morales explained that the planned activities for the Nascar Parade that will take place in the Zocalo, “will be activations to bring fans closer with race cars that normally and for security reasons only come from the stands. We have planned together with the teams of the series to give tickets, maybe we will look for teams of six people to make a change of tires as in the pit stops, ”he said.

Finally, Carlos Mackinlay said that the capital of the country is positioning itself as the main destination of motoring in Mexico and that from this moment starts a fabulous program in Mexico City. “We are ready, we start with the National Holidays, which will bring many people from all over the country; We will continue with the Day of the Dead festival, the Formula 1 race and, immediately, the Nascar Peak series, The Pan American Race and old cars, in addition to the NBA game, ”he said.


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