Accor held Gender Diversity Forum in Buenos Aires

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Accor held Gender Diversity Forum in Buenos Aires
Fri September 13, 2019

RIISE is the name of the pro diversity and inclusion program that drives the French chain globally

Thinking and discussing issues related to diversity and equal opportunities in different fields, was the main focus of the RiiSE forum, held in Sofitel Buenos Aires Recoleta (Argentina), on Monday, September 9.
The panels and tables of this meeting for the general public, addressed issues such as barriers in the choice of careers and academic training, gender violence, private enterprise initiatives for economic empowerment, non-sexist communication and diversity in police forces and federal
These contents respond to the guidelines defined by RiiSE, the global Accor program that promotes inclusion and equity, and which aims to attract people with disabilities and / or diverse in cultural, gender, generational and sexual terms.
“The exhibitions we heard in the forum reaffirm the path that Accor took years ago. We are sure that diversity is not a barrier but a way of growing together, ensuring equality in all areas, therefore, communicate, discuss, expose, put these values ​​on the agenda, learn how they interact between public and private, the hotel and non-hotel, internal and external, contributes to improve us as a company and as an agent of the society of which we are part, ”said Lucia Filipelli Colletto, Accor Hispanic American Lawyer and RiiSE leader for Argentina.
In this way, the main conclusions of the meeting aimed to value diversity as a value for development, implement protocols of gender violence both in companies and society, generate communications that contribute to an inclusive cultural construction and work to ensure that People can perform at any regardless of their gender or sexual identity.
Once the forum was over, Accor assumed the responsibility of focusing the next actions in two scenarios, “on the one hand, in the protocol against violence that we are going to implement in the region, both for our collaborators and clients, and on the other, in the launch for the third consecutive year of our mentoring program, ”added Lucia Filipelli.
Riise's double "ii" symbolizes men and women committed to mutual solidarity, sharing knowledge and ending stereotypes. Through communication campaigns, conferences, awareness workshops and actions in hotels, it seeks to combat stereotypes, sexism and sexual siege.


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