Brazil shows to French that tourism is a priority

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Brazil shows to French that tourism is a priority
Tue September 17, 2019

Embratur presents new actions, destinations and tourist attractions in roadshows promoted by the international association VBRATA


The new Embratur, its promotional campaigns and the Brazilian Ecotourism were presented to about 120 French operators. The Director of Competitive Intelligence and Tourism Promotion, Katja Sophia Becker, and the head of the Institute's Competitive Intelligence Division, Angela Baltazar, were in France for three days and participated in roadshows promoted by the VBRATA (Visit Brazil Travel Association). European based. The event was held in the cities of Paris, Lyon and Marseille from 10 to 12 September.

According to Embratur's director, the French market is very sensitive to political events not only in her own country, as well as in other nations, so the importance of Embratur's presence at the event. “The roadshow positively marked the French trade, which could see closely the new government's efforts to prioritize the tourism industry in Brazil and invest in promoting the country's image abroad,” he said.

The French tourism market is of great relevance to Brazil, as it occupies the first place in the number of Europeans who visit the country, “besides presenting significant expenses”, informed the director. “Because of this, our on-site presence is critical for updating on Embratur's new campaigns and actions,” said Katja Becker.

In addition to Embratur, representatives of the Rio Conventions & Visitors Bureau, Visit Iguassú and the airlines Latam and TACV (Cape Verde) attended. “With the support of partners, we will tour these three important French cities, encouraging operators and the tourist trade in France to learn more about the destination of Brazil,” added Angela Baltazar.

The presentation was all in French, with the objective of reinforcing the importance of the market for Brazil. According to director Katja Becker, “French is a great sun and beach enthusiast and our role was also to show that the country is much more than São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, two very rich destinations, the main destinations visited by Leisure and Business, ”he said. “We also present attractions from the Northeast, which has huge commercialization potential in France, mainly due to the expansion of the air network to the region,” concluded the Embratur representative.


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