Nemo Galapagos Cruise promotes its itineraries in Travelmart LatinAmerica

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Nemo Galapagos Cruise promotes its itineraries in Travelmart LatinAmerica
Fri September 20, 2019

The operator has 3 catamarans, one-of-a-kind sailboats with capacities between 14 and 16 passengers. They offer 8, 5 and 4 day cruises with three meals on board

Nemo Galapagos Cruises is participating in TravelMart LatinAmerica, the event of which it is host and in which it has been able to make direct contact with more than 200 top buyers of the tourism trade. The show takes place at the Quorum Quito Convention Center. There we had the chance to talk with María Lourdes Jijón, Sales Manager of the company. The executive said: "We are direct operators 36 years ago, we have 3 catamarans, one-of-a-kind sailboats that operate with motor and sail. As for capacity, we have two 14 and 16 passenger boats. We offer 8 cruises, 5 and 4 days with three meals on board and we make stops in Galapagos according to different itineraries ".

"During your Galapagos cruise, tourists will be able to enjoy both the wildlife of the Galapagos Islands and the wonderful conditions of accommodation with transportation that we offer to all our customers. We organize all our Galapagos cruises in the best possible way and your cruise through Galapagos will not be an exception, both our land and sea crew will do everything possible to make your Galapagos Islands cruise the most memorable and comfortable cruise of your life. "

"It is a walk for all types of tourists who enjoy an unforgettable experience, although there is a lot of competition, our advantage is that by not always using motor, we can offer a more sustainable, higher quality and economical service."

"When operating in 1998, we have been studying our passengers a lot to be able to continue improving the quality of our ships and the service."

"We work a lot with tourists from the United States, Canada and Europe. Now we are looking to expand our sales in other Latin American markets."


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