Hyatt announces its new brand Caption by Hyatt

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Hyatt announces its new brand Caption by Hyatt
Fri September 27, 2019

With this new flag, the US hotel chain aims to bring people closer, giving them the opportunity to work, eat or live together and socialize in a comfortable, flexible and community space

Hyatt Hotels Corporation announced Caption by Hyatt, a new lifestyle brand with a select category that will allow people to get closer, giving them the opportunity to work, eat or live and socialize in a comfortable space , flexible and community that will promote valuable conversations and meaningful connections.
Caption by Hyatt is a brand that was designed to create a space where the client feels comfortable establishing a conversation with a cup of coffee, a snak or a drink at the end of the day. Caption by Hyatt Hotels will be anchored to a distinctive food and beverage experience that will be a vibrant mix between cafeteria, market and bar. Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group (USHG) was consulted for the design and curation of a food and beverage concept worthy of conversation for the brand.
"At Hyatt, we believe in the power of personal connections," said Heather Geisler, Vice President of the Global Hyatt Brand. “Listening to our clients, we know that, traveling alone or with a friend, they seek to establish connections with others in an authentic and close environment. The Caption By Hyatt brand will invite its guests and residents to go out, enjoy a cocktail and meet a friend, old or new, in a space that is intended for that. ”

Caption by Hyatt will focus on keeping three crucial promises:
Attractive and accessible spaces. Caption by Hyatt Hotels will invite its guests to enjoy cozy rooms and common areas that are flexible, allowing the client to move objects around the room and make an ideal space according to their needs. The social spaces will be designed in the best way and can be assembled as desired, allowing dynamic conversations and offering guests and residents a reason to stay.
Conversations worthy of great food and drinks. Drinking and eating at Caption By Hyatt Hotels will be something else. This brand will bring people together to enjoy the local culture in the most dynamic way.
Experiences that do not start and end at the entrance of the hotel. Whether the guest tries a new activity or meeting someone new, Caption by Hyatt Hotels will create the conditions for connections that matter, for example, drinks and snacks all day; spaces that will allow connecting anywhere, flexible and multi-purpose for small events; In addition to an interactive rotating calendar with guests and varied events ranging from local beer tasting to various shows.
The Caption by Hyatt brand will offer you the efficiency and flexibility of select services, while creating a series of attractive lifestyle experiences designed to satisfy guests and generate higher income opportunities.
"We intend for the Caption by Hyatt brand to grow both domestically and internationally in densely populated urban markets, emerging areas and high pedestrian traffic." Said Jim Chu, Head of Global Development for Hyatt. "We believe that the brand is prepared for strong growth as it is flexible and can adapt to the needs of different markets and places, and thus offer a more sustainable approach to design and operations".


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