Sectur commemorates 90 years of the start of tourism policy in Mexico

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Sectur commemorates 90 years of the start of tourism policy in Mexico
Mon September 30, 2019

It was in 1929 when the then president Emilio Portes Gil created the Joint Pro-Tourism Commission, which over the years evolved to become the current Ministry of Tourism in 1974


With the printing of an allusive lottery ticket and the holding of their respective lottery in the National Lottery for Public Assistance, the Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico, Miguel Torruco Marqués, led last night the commemoration of the 90 years of the beginning of the Tourism policy in our country.

During the event, the head of the Ministry of Tourism explained that it was in July 1929 when the then president Emilio Portes Gil ordered to publish in the Official Gazette of the Federation the presidential agreement through which the Pro-Tourism Joint Commission was created, an agency which evolved into what is now the Ministry of Tourism.

This Mixed Commission, under the Ministry of the Interior, emerged with the objective of promoting and increasing, through studies and projects, the flow of foreign visitors to our country.

With the aim of strengthening official efforts in this area and fulfilling the mission entrusted to it, private companies joined the Commission, “which led to a long road in tourism, a path in which they have gone sowing seeds and reaping fruits. ”

Secretary Torruco Marqués added that due to the importance acquired by tourism activity in Mexico, the National Tourism Commission was established in 1930, to which the powers assigned to the Pro-Tourism Joint Commission are conferred, establishing coordination mechanisms with the commissions of the states of the Republic.

Subsequently, in 1936, the functions of the National Tourism Commission are assumed by the Ministry of the Interior, through the General Directorate of Population; and in 1937 the creation of a Tourism Department was announced, zoning the country in fifteen regions of tourist interest.

He added that, in the end, in 1956 the Tourism Guarantee and Promotion Fund (Fogatur) was established to strengthen and increase tourism infrastructure, and in 1958 the attributes of the Tourism Department were defined, depending directly on the Federal Executive.

In 1969 the Tourism Promotion and Infrastructure Fund (Infratur) was established and in 1974 the merger of Fogatur and Infratur was carried out to give way to the emergence of the National Tourism Promotion Fund (Fonatur), which currently exists.

Finally, in that same year: 1974, the Department of Tourism is elevated to the rank of Secretary of State, which is designated as head of sector in 1977.

"Throughout these nine decades, tourism policy has had to adapt to the new times to consolidate Mexico as a tourism power," said the head of Sectur.

He said that this is how our country currently occupies the seventh position in the world ranking in reception of international tourists and the sixteenth in foreign exchange, in addition to a valuable seventh place in hotel infrastructure.

He said that Don Emilio Portes Gil, considered as a forerunner of tourism in Mexico, laid the institutional foundations for the development of this activity that grows year by year and represents one of our main sources of income.

"Therefore, the printing of the lottery ticket with its image, on a day as special as September 27," World Tourism Day ", is a worthy, fair and deserved recognition of Don Emilio Portes Gil, pioneer of the institutionalized activity of tourism in Mexico, ”said Secretary Torruco Marqués.

In this ceremony of the top draw number 2614 of the National Lottery, were present Ernesto Prieto Ortega, general director of the National Lottery for Public Assistance; Mrs. Carmen Portes Gil and Monica Walter Portes Gil, as well as Christian O'Farril: daughter, granddaughter and great-grandson, respectively, of former President Portes Gil; Dolores Menchaca, representative of the Ministry of the Interior, and various officials of the Ministry of Tourism.


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