The VII Regional Meeting of River Cruises and Nautical Tourism has concluded

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The VII Regional Meeting of River Cruises and Nautical Tourism has concluded
Mon September 30, 2019

The event was held on September 26 and 27 in Punta del Este, Uruguay

The VII Regional Meeting of Cruises and Nautical Fluvial Tourism was held in Punta del Este. In the same tourism authorities, ports, shipowners and tour operators met to work together on proposals that aim at the consolidation of cruise and nautical tourism in the region, in terms of the development of thematic routes and promotion of business, among others.
Representing the National Port Administration, its president, Engineer Alberto Díaz, opened the event saying, among other things, that “the region is the destination of the cruise ships. The more we can work for the region, the better. Hopefully we can share the problems and also the solutions. ”
Meanwhile, the tourism minister, Mrs. Liliam Kechichian, highlighted the work of our country with Argentina, Brazil and Chile to consolidate the South American cruise circuit. In the 2019-2020 season, 203 ships will arrive at national ports, 11.6% more than in the previous period. The port of Montevideo, said the chief, “is consolidated as a port of embarkation and disembarkation. Generating more work is the development of those who generate public policies. ”
The first day, it opened with the work table addressing the topic “Nautical fluvial tourism in the Uruguay river and tributaries” and was integrated by: Lic. Cristian Pos (MINTUR), Mr. Antonio Molina, Mr. José Luis Peraza (Director Tourism Int. Soriano), Lic. Elena Laguzzi (Municipality of Soriano). Moderator: Ing. Andrés Nieto (MTOP).
The second exhibition table, with the theme “River cruise experiences in South America”, was composed of: Ms. Asunción Azcona (Ministry of Tourism Paraguay), Mr. Marcelo Sibille (KPMG). Moderator: Mr. Carlos Fagetti (National Tourism Directorate of Uruguay).
The second day of this regional meeting began with the exhibition, "Strategies in the cruise industry for the Southern Cone route". Mr. Javier Massignani (MSC), Mr. Darío Rustico (Costa Cruises), Mr. André Pousada (Royal Caribbean) participated in it and his moderator was Cdra. Ana Rey (ANP).
The event continued with the exhibition “International Model Ports” with the participation of Mrs. Constanza Suárez (API PuertoVallarta) and Sebastián Montero (Corporation of Ports of the Southern Cone).
Likewise, the exhibition was held, "New channels for the promotion of cruising," with the participation of Mr. Ricardo Marengo (Cruise News) Mr. Andrea Cambón (Viajes Buemes), Mr. Gonzalez Praderio (Wavemaker Uruguay), moderated by Mr. Cristian Pos (MINTUR) and then the exhibition “Port economic model to encourage cruise business” that was attended by Ec. Santiago Riverol (ANP), Mr. Raúl Gallo (Port of Buenos Aires), Mr. Carlos Mondaca (Puerto de San Antonio), Mr. Héctor Ricciardo (Puerto Madryn), Mr. Luciano Oliveira (Shiplog Brazil), Ms. Tamara Viera (MTOP), moderating Cdora. Alicia Abelenda (ANP).
The meeting closed with the table "Advances and benefits to consolidate routes and destinations in the region", participated Mr. Gustavo Reartes (Secretary of Tourism Argentina), Ms. Liliam Kechichian (MINTUR), Elizabeth Villalba (IMM), Luis Borsari ( Maldonado Administration). moderating Alberto Díaz (ANP) who in the end made a summary of the meeting expressing: “I thank those present, everyone gave the greatest effort and showed enormous capacity to summarize in their presentations the best or what they worried about. It was from the congresses that were least criticized, in others there were more complaints, I saw it very positive and that is not only because of mutual knowledge but because there is a maturation that we are working in the right direction and that the constancy is what is winning us. ”
Finally, the Minister of Tourism, Mrs. Liliam Kechichian, closed by thanking everyone present at the VII Regional Meeting of Cruises and Nautical River Tourism: "Without you this would not have been possible, I highlight the joint work between public and private, united by love to an activity that is very beneficial, from the economic, human and cultural point of view”.


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