Embratur seeks to extend visa exemption for China and India

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Embratur seeks to extend visa exemption for China and India
Gilson Machado Neto, Embratur
Tue October 01, 2019

Gilson Machado, president of the institute assured that the measure is already being studied by President Bolsonaro


The president of Embratur, Gilson Machado Neto, participated yesterday in the launch of the Investe Turismo project in the state of São Paulo. The program, jointly developed by the Ministry of Tourism, Sebrae and Embratur, seeks to accelerate the development of the sector in the country. At that time, Gilson presented the advantages of traveling without a visa to strategic countries to promote national tourism.

“Tourism stopped in time, so we had at least 12 million tourists in the country, we have half. The visa exemption for the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia is a success and shows that with creativity and unity we can further promote the sector, ”he explained.

The Central Bank of Brazil noted that in July, the first month after the visa exemption expired, foreign tax revenues in the country grew and pumped $ 598 million into the economy. Gilson defended the extension of the measure to India and China and explained that the tourist who saw the United States in these countries could be used to validate the exemption of this for Brazil.

“It is a fight between us and President Bolsonaro, who knows the prominence and its importance for the market. China sends 169 million tourists a year, only sends 60,000 tourists to Brazil. It's a shame and we have to change, ”said the president of Embratur.

Gilson Machado also presented to those present all the projects and measures carried out by his management in charge of the municipality. He stressed the need to unite the sector so that tourism is a protagonist in the economic recovery of the country. “From the age of 9 I heard that Brazil is the country of the future. The future is now, we have a unique opportunity to transform our nation, ”he concluded.

Investe Turismo has selected 30 strategic tourist routes in Brazil, comprising 158 municipalities of the 27 units of the Federation. The initial investment will be $ 200 million. The routes chosen will receive special attention in a strategic agenda between the public and private sector (Marketing, intelligence, participation in events, support to access credit lines, etc.).


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