Azul and Embratur line up flight creation Buenos Aires-Recife

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Azul and Embratur line up flight creation Buenos Aires-Recife
Mon October 07, 2019

Argentine Tourists Seek Hot Summer Destinations for 2020

2.4 million visitors and US $ 1.625 billion injected into the Brazilian economy. This is the profile of the Argentine tourist who came to Brazil in 2018. The neighboring country is the main emitter of foreign visitors to our country and these numbers should continue to grow in the coming years. Aware of the demand, Azul Linhas Aéreas and Embratur met in Buenos Aires this Sunday (6), and discussed the possibility of a flight that connects Argentina to the Brazilian Northeast.
“We see an important allegiance of the Argentine public to Brazil. However, this movement still does not reach the Northeast and internal studies indicate that there is demand for Brazilian hot waters. With the crisis, many Argentines traveling to the Caribbean, for example, will seek the Brazilian coast as a destination, ”said Gilson Machado Neto, president of Embratur.
Since 2017 Azul flies to Argentine territory. It currently has 4 daily flights to Ezeiza International Airport (Buenos Aires). Recife, capital of Pernambuco, would be the destination of this new flight. On average, Argentine tourists spend 11 days in Brazil and spend US $ 620. The meeting was attended by executives from Azul Fábian Lombardo and Pablo Damigella, who confirmed that the company will work the flight.
“It would definitely be a big draw for Brazilian tourism. More jobs and more income for our country and the Northeast States, ”concluded Gilson Machado.

FIT Argentina
The meeting took place at the Brazilian stand, organized by Embratur, at the largest international tourism fair in Latin America, FIT Argentina. The event has representatives from over 50 countries and the goal is to promote tourism and demonstrate the economic potential of the sector in the world.


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