Universal Assistance strengthens the support to the Argentine partners

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Universal Assistance strengthens the support to the Argentine partners
Thu October 10, 2019

The passenger insurance company belonging to Zurich is set up in FIT as an important stand where important meetings have been held

Universal Assitance has just been acquired by Zurich, but has now been transformed into a global company with much broader support. The firm has participated in FIT from these exchanges and to find out more details we interviewed Silvina García Fillol, Retail Commercial Director of the firm. The executive commented: "We have had a great holiday in spite of the moment Argentina is living. But in the region that we are very good this season, we have made much progress in key markets like Brazil, Mexico and Chile."

"80% of sales are generalized by trade and logically we work much more years enabling each agency and operator to be up to date on each product we have."

"The reality is that medical costs around the world are becoming ever more expensive, so it is vital to have a good insurance when traveling."

"We participate in the main tourism holidays of the year, we are the official coverage in FIT, Abav and the Tourist Showcase of ANATO".

"We are incorporating the latest technology. A year ago we have launched an aid tool through which the patients can makr a video called with a doctor".

"We have a commercial team that is very involved in the market, working day by day with every business partner, the idea that agencies and operators have brought us to our operative quality. Our personal experience has made it different. personas, with workshops in all the countries of the continent. "


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