Sabre and Aeroméxico extend and expand their commercial link

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Sabre and Aeroméxico extend and expand their commercial link
Fri October 11, 2019

The airline will have the flexibility to support its omni-channel strategies and at the same time provide high customer satisfaction through innovative products

Sabre Corporation, the leading technology provider for the travel industry, today announced the extension of its long-term link with Aeromexico - Mexico's global airline that serves 88 cities on three continents. Aeromexico will continue to use the Saber passenger service system (PSS), expand its use of the Saber Commercial Platform, and intensify its use of Saber's global distribution system.

Through this expansion in technology and distribution, Aeromexico will have the flexibility to sustain its omni-channel strategies and at the same time provide high customer satisfaction through innovative products such as Saber's Digital Workspace - the recently launched solution that allows agents Airport provide a fluid and personalized experience to customers via mobile equipment. The additional update of solutions will allow the airline to improve its management of personalized offers, the passenger self-service interface, and its data analytics reports. In addition, Saber will deliver new technologies to enable a more fluid customer experience between Aeromexico and its Delta partner, which covers the entire process, from passenger recognition to departure at the airport. This expansion will also allow Aeromexico to reduce costs, improve its competitiveness, and transform the distribution landscape.

“We are pleased to extend our strategic link with Saber in our effort to provide an unparalleled personalized experience to our customers through digital transformation, as this has been a priority for Aeromexico. Saber is a true commercial ally and by expanding our use of the Commercial Platform and the Saber distribution system, Mexico's global airline is preparing to grow in terms of revenue, ”says Benjamín Hernandez, Chief Infomation Officer and Senior Vice President. "In Saber they have demonstrated their commitment to help us grow through this alliance."

Aeroméxico and Saber have collaborated since 2011, when the airline implemented the SabreSonic passenger service system. Supported by Saber technology, Aeromexico has been one of the fastest growing full-service airlines in the Americas. As a founding member of the SkyTeam airline alliance, Aeromexico offers customers travel options to more than 1,000 destinations in 177 countries served by SkyTeam member airlines around the world.

“Airlines need innovative technologies like the ones we offer, that improve the travel experience and lead to incremental growth through better sales, distribution and compliance capabilities. Aeromexico's investment in the leading digital technologies offered by Saber is an important part of its transformation. By using these technologies, Aeromexico can offer a personalized shopping experience and generate new revenue streams, all with a view to meeting the high demands of today's travelers, ”said Dave Shirk, president of Saber Travel Solutions. “The successful digital transformation of Aeromexico strengthened the positioning of its brand in a highly competitive domestic market. The cornerstone of this e-commerce strategy has been smart selling, a multi-channel distribution approach, and the use of industry-standard compliance capabilities to accelerate revenue realization. ”

The airline's technological alliance with Saber has allowed Aeromexico to transform the airport, product, and flight experiences, and has helped them offer a smooth transfer of the best airline customers through their global alliance networks . In addition, Saber and Aeroméxico have aligned themselves in terms of commercial initiatives and innovation times that support the airline's objectives and expectations.


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